Harmonica advice

I’m working on That’s Alright by Elvis as taught by Justin: A,D, E is the chord progression. I’ve tried every harp I have and can’t find a nice sound to replace the guitar interlude (my flat picking is horendous). Any ideas? Thanks!

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Hi Benji I regularly play guitar with Harmonica friends, don’t play it myself though, and they keep talking about playing in first and in second position Then again they favour 2nd position playing when doing the blues, as it allows them access to blue notes and bending techniques etc. The first position is, so they tell me more for ‘straight’ songs. The thing is, you have to select the harmonica according to the key of the song and the position you are playing it. The chords of the song are A, D, E, that implies an A harp in first position. If you can play the second position look for a D harp (I think). Its easier (and cheaper) to use a capo on the guitar, and find the right key for your harmonica, and still play the A,D,E progression, but somewhere higher up the neck

That said , there are harp tabs to be found for the song under this link

Hmm… I tried an A harp but I’ll give it another try, maybe I just tried the wrong notes. Thanks for the link, looks really helpful!