Harvest Moon - my first ever video

G’day all from North East Victoria, Australia

Here’s a video of me attempting to play Neil Young’s Harvest Moon. I started learning this about a week ago from Justin’s video lesson.

I’ve been playing on and off for a while, but this is my first ever video. As soon as someone is watching, or when I start the video recording on my phone, I get super nervous.

Any tips or suggestions greatly appreciated.



You play really well so nothing to be nervous about playing in front of a camera. Great job

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Hey Paul, welcome to the community and for making this a great introduction to your playing! We all get super nervous at the best of times when hitting that red button I think. Having said that, your nerves did not show through in this recording whatsoever. It’s a lovely tune and you seemed to play it in a nice and relaxed way. Congrats to you for getting over your first video hurdle, can’t wait to see the second, and third and… :wink:

When you’re able why not drop a post up to introduce yourself a bit more to the community, everyone’s superbly supporting and willing to offer constructive, friendly advice and there’s a really diverse set of levels and style.

Welcome again :+1: :guitar:

Great stuff Paul.

Congratulations on going public :metal:it’s quite the step.

Thanks, appreciated.

Thanks, the support is appreciated.

Thanks - been thinking about it for a while. Finally…

Hi Paul, that was really sweet. Moving the chord grips from one end of the neck to the other :+1: liked where you picked out some of the melody :+1: - sounded really nice. I’m with you when it comes to nerves after pressing record. Hopefully the more you record the less you will feel it. Looking forward to hearing more from you.
Best wishes,

Hi from West Aust Paul

Really nice I thought, really fluid and have to agree with Mark, if you were nervous it didn’t seem to show.

Thanks Alan

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Thank you

Firstly, a warm welcome to the Community, Paul, and I encourage you to post up a brief intro as per @Notter’s suggestion. Can be brief, just a little personal background, guitar history, and your goals and plans as a student of JustinGuitar.

Bravo on sharing that first recording, it is a milestone to celebrate, even if you’ve been playing a while. And you’ve certainly made the most of the ‘while’ you’ve been playing, even if on and off.

You played that pretty fluently, good rhythm, changes, embellishments. Perhaps one or two moments where you could be cleaner but the nerves of recording a first video will do that. And I’m sure many of us would like to be able to learn this song and play it as you did in a week.

The one thing I am wondering about is tempo. I haven’t listened to that song or album for a while, but have a feeling it was maybe a little fast. I think it is a pretty laid back tune and may feel better just a little slower. Also harder for me to judge that without vocals (not suggesting you have to sing to post here, instrumental is just fine).

Irrespective, good job and look forward to you becoming an active member of the Community, sharing more of your music and feedback with others.

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Really nice playing, felt very relaxed and in a groove with spot-on accuracy. Enjoyed it a lot. No nerves apparent to me at all, but I know exactly what you mean!

Hi Paul, welcome to the forum!
It’s bloody nerve wracking innit? As soon as you start performing you find that song you knew backwards, just seems to fade into a fog in your brain! But seriously that was a good job, I won’t tell you not to be nervous that’s natural, but performing even to video like this is a sure fire way to improve fast. Congratulations! Looking forward to your next video!

Really good first AVoYP and enjoyable to listen to. Nerves didn’t seem to show.

Congratulations on your first video. Nicely played and I thought you looked very relaxed playing. :sunglasses:

Nice one Paul. Pretty smooth and melodic mate.
Feels good to get that first one on board hey?

Cheers, Shane

Congrats on your first video Paul! That was really smooth and relaxed playing. Loved the melody of that song :blush:

Beautifully done. I play that song too and love it. I thought you did a fabulous job.

Loved that. I like trying the Neil Young ones on Justins app myself. This is great, Has inspired me to have a go today.