Have You Ever Seen the Rain

This was one of my favorites from the old Justin beginners songbook / course. Decided to hit up the patio since the rain is indeed coming!


All I’m seeing is a white rectangle the shape of you phone. There no video link. :frowning_face:

hmm, i can see the video just fine. that’s weird. Others?

This is all I get.

This is what I’m getting. It’s an imbedded TikTok link.

Now I’m getting this. Not what you want us to get Tosh.

It’s working for me now. It didn’t at first. Nice performance Tosh! I think playing barre chords during the verse and open chords for the chorus would sound good too.

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Well I know how not to load video next time. I was trying something new. Haha

I just load mine (well, the one so far) onto my YouTube page, It’s free. I set it to private but with permission for those who click my link to watch it. That way I don’t get hordes of not friendly people making crass remarks.

Nice job!

Great singing!
Keep on playing! Yeahhhh!

Good one, Tosh. Makes it even better playing it outside on the patio with the rain!

Great job Tosh! Btw youtube reels are great for that purpose instead of dodgy tiktok - if you tag it well you’ll get some pretty darn good amount of views :wink: all the best!

I can’t see your video but I have seen the rain on a sunny day. The wind was blowing pretty hard though. Cheers!

This is a really cool version, good job! Nice smooth strumming.

nice strumming :+1:

No issues viewing the video, Tosh.

Enjoyed your laidback take on the classic, really relaxed playing and singing.

From a channel perspective, I’d prefer you sharing the video via YT rather than TikTok, assuming that would give a fuller picture.

A well played and sung classic Tosh. Your voice really suited that one.
At this time of year in Scotland we can get rain, sleet and snow on a sunny day. :smiley:

I can see and watch this

That’s great Tosh, we’ll done :+1:

Nicely done!