Have you named your guitar(s) yet?

I thought naming guitars was normal like naming cars or ships. This is Evelyn.


Normal? It’s just a lot of fun to me!!! Nice to meet Evelyn.

My first bike was a BSA 250 forester. At the same time that I had the Honda 450 pictured above, I remember test riding a second hand Triumph 500 twin. By this time I’d been riding Hondas for quite some time. I took the Triumph around a corner that I often rode my Honda around and nearly fell off it because it handled so well that the corner was cut in half.

What a beauty. Had a good look at your learning log, great story.

After I’d been playing for about 18 months, I decided it was time to upgrade and get a really nice guitar. I spent several years going to every guitar shop within driveable distance and played many nice guitars. The Taylors appealed to me more than any other and I’ve owned several. My fav was Salma, dark wood and lots of nice curves, just like Salma Hayek. aka GS-8.

This is me on Silver Machine 1, as I don’t have a decent pic of Silver Machine II. They’re both Honda Pan European ST1300 in silver, the only difference is my current ride is 6 years younger.


Very nice. Thanks for the picture.

Great bike Ian, plenty of great roads in your neck of the woods. :sunglasses:


Oh yes! I discovered a lot of them when I did the IAM Roadsmart advanced rider course.

  • The Acoustic
  • The Strat
  • Lucy (custom built guitar)
  • The Bass
  • The Red (my mustang copy for heavy metal)
  • The Frankenstrat

Sounds like my “roadkill” aka scrapocaster or partocaster


I call my Taylor Koa Wood acoustic Kamanawannaplaya and my PRS electric guitar is Bertha Butt.



I love the Taylor made name :rofl: and its a beautiful guitar as well.
Butt pic to follow? :sunglasses:

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Yeah, it’s a stripped Squier lefty guitar. A new bridge, cleared all pickups and electronics. Sanded the gloss off of it and put a Submarine Pro pickup in there. This pickup gives you the option to assign each string to output A, B or both. The attached cable can be extended with a splitter cable with 2 jacks. This way you can send each signal to a different chain

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@LievenDV I think a demo of that little beast is needed. You signed up for OM6 yet ?? :rofl:

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Saturdays are hard with my son’s football matches but I can go on the list as a maybe :smiley:

OK, Bertha is now posted!


Equally cool Angie, thanks for sharing :sunglasses:

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Here’s roadkill. On my old garden tractor.


I don’t name my guitars but, I played bass for a little bit back in school - around 16-17 years ago.

My parents were over the moon that I showed interest in something other than video games so they gifted me this insane Fender Precision bass. I named her Gloria because sic transit gloria mundi.

Once school ended I moved, left the bass with my parents and haven’t touched an instrument until I picked up guitar 2 years ago. I really should find out if it’s still gathering dust somewhere at my parents’ house.

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