Having such structured and well-taught instruction has been a life-line

I’ve been playing for ages but only hit the theory and technique about two years ago. I’m one of so many who tried to build the house without having any foundations . I mean seriously in my 10 or so lesson I was never actually shown properly how to hold a pick (thank you Troy Grady at Cracking the Code). By my first lesson I wanted to learn the solo to sultans of swing and there I was stuck for decades…Teachers like Justin, Stitch and some of the free music courses on Coursera are brilliant at providing the theory and concepts as well as how to apply and practice them in fun ways. Having such structured and well-taught instruction has been a life-line (like the thread Theseus used to navigate the labyrinth) as I work travel through my dark night of the soul and my PRS and Mesa-Boogie amp have been the light in my dark tunnel…Thank you!



Hi :smiley:

Yes you are certainly in the right place for structure and a solid foundation. Like you I spent nearly two decades trying to build on sand and wondered why I sucked. Finding Justin back in 2013 was a god send and not only that but such a talented teacher.

Enjoy the ride.



When I remortgaged a couple of years ago, I discovered our house was built on sand without foundations in 1902 and, like Reginald Kenneth Dwight, it’s still standing.
Turns out building on stable sand is a really good idea :smiley:
The only thing that was shaken was my belief in the good book :rofl:

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That’s because the burrowing Welsh sheep are yet to cross the Dee and make Emmental out of your foundations. They all seemed to get washed up on Formby beach ! :sheep: :sheep: :sheep: :cheese:

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Cool to hear your expressive style ,being pretty fond of Dylan Thomas.It turns my brain inside-out it .Beautifull sounds even though I have no idea of what half of it means

Probably best to not crank that amp too high then.