Hearing Aids for Guitar Players?

Can anyone heer suggest good brands of hearing aids that perform well when learning or playing guitar?

I’m particularly interested in hearing from those in the US, where “over the counter” aids have been recently approved.

Here in Canada, hearing aids are still classified as medical devices, and hence insanely expensive - like - $2000 per ear! As a former engineer, I know there are at most a few hundred dollars of parts involved…so surely there is a better way!

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You may find this of interest Maggie aka @batwoman raised a similar enquiry a few months back, so your answer may be here :sunglasses:

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Do you mean hearing aids (to help improve your hearing) or ear plugs as noted by Toby?

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I think he’s asking about Hearing aids. They are grossly expensive in Canada.


Good call Stuart miss read the OP. :sunglasses:

Here in the UK I got mine (free) on the NHS. If I want to I can also connect them to my phone, TV and a microphone for meetings. I don’t!! Mainly because the sound is really tinny & off putting. I just turn them up a bit if needed :slight_smile:

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Sadly, not covered by the Canadian single payer plans.

What brand do you have? Do you like them?

I have Hearing Aids and Solutions | Phonak which work fine. They are computer adjusted to suit my hearing loss. In my case one ear is better than the other but both suffer from not hearing high frequencies.

High frequency loss is my biggest problem as well. I mainly notice it when playing over a drum track. Without my aids, I can barely hear the hi-hats

I inherited a pair of Phonaks from my mother, and they really help with conversations and watching TV. But one of them has already died, and the other one’s on it’s way out. Six or seven years old, I think. Out of warranty now, and I’ve been very unhappy with the dealer (Connect Hearing, here in Canada).

My aids have one quirk that affects guitar playing. Frequencies above a certain threshold are shifted down to lower frequencies. This helps with speech, but when playing notes on the e and B strings, I get a weird distortion that sounds a lot like string buzz.

Do the ones you have allow you to control features like this from your phone?

I have found that certain notes just sound odd, which I have put down to my ears, as I know that the guitar is in tune.

I’ve not tried that to be honest. have just downloaded the app to my phone to see if it works.

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