Helen 0609 - Heart of Gold cover - 1st time singing and playing

That was lovely Andrea! Instantly recognizable from the first chord . I thought your vocals were really good also, and I actually thought they got better as you moved through the song and as you gained confidence and became more relaxed. Great opening post!

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Thank you so much for your kind words, Mark.

Let’s see… there are not so many songs that suit my voice, but maybe some blues…

Thank you Eddie, I hope to get more confident when I get better at playing and my brain is on autopilot with strumming :wink:


Solid strumming, grabbing the right chords, having good strum timing, vocal pitch, vocal melody and vocal rhythm …all pretty good already actually;

You must be doing it right!

Yes, train that autopilot, it will free up brainpoer for other things along the way!

Hello Helen… Sounds awesome. I need to work on my songs. I’m at begin 2 mod 13 and approaching a year :slight_smile: Keep it up.

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That was lovely Andrea it’s great to finally hear you playing! You did exceptionally well and I am happy for you breaking the ice of sharing your music with us! All the best :slight_smile:

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Na endlich! :smiley:
I hope you have noticed all our restraint in egging you on to share where you are on your journey.
First of all, congratulations on your ‘click’ (one k :laughing:) one of the nicest feelings when things suddenly fall into place.
Never apologise for your ability. You have a nice voice and you sang in tune. That’s what most people strive for. Singing and playing simultaneously opens up such a smorgasbord of options you won’t know where to start. I forgot, have you tried barre chords yet? I found that was the other gamechanger.

When you’re good and ready, you will ditch the app’s training wheels, and you will share video of you performing for our enjoyment and your experience. No rush.
We set our own bars, and many make the mistake of setting them too high.
You’ve been great fun to have around over the last year and it’s so nice to see you joining in what I have always felt is the ‘engine room’ of the Community.
Alles gute, toi, toi, toi :smiley:

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Lieven, thank you so much for that! You never know how you are doing, when you sit alone in your music room. Feels good to know, that I’m on the right track!
@jimcins So you are at the same stage. Yes, learn songs, learn songs, learn songs as Richard would say…have a lot of fun!
@adi_mrok when there’s a place for a non-performer to this…it’s definitely here. I’m just not somebody for the stage, but it was good, I did it. Otherwise you all would think I’m just a troll :joy:
@brianlarsen Mr. Larsen, thank you so much for your encouragement, I really appreciate that. I’m no shy person at all…maybe you already noticed, due to some cheeky comments, but when it comes to playing in front of others…the other thing is, that there are so many folks around here who are doing great and more important, really have something to say. Like you, always something with a mission, creative and funny. So somebody like me is thinking, is there a need to post a simple four chord strummer with a mediocre singing voice?
Now, I’m happy I did it. My ability to contribute to this community is moderate, but maybe a impuls for others who hesitate. Already curious, what you are cooking in your witch’s kitchen next :blush:


Whoop! Whoop! Congratulations on your first AVOYP posting Helen. First time playing and singing huh? It sure didn’t sound like it. Great job on both and I think you have a really good voice. It’s great when you have the “click” moments. It feels like you’re really making progress.

First one out of the way, so there should be no holding you back now.

Lovely view by the way.

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:scream: :scream: :scream:

He sometimes bakes bread there (there’s a great video of it :star_struck:), but to put/say it that way??? :rofl: :joy: :rofl:

Sorry…I couldn’t resist @brianlarsen Brian


Edit: Brian’s Brown Bread
here’s the link because it’s a bit harder to find (for me anyway), and this way I hope my joke is soon forgotten :innocent:


Great job Andrea! Loved it! :heart_eyes: Thank you for sharing!
Congratulations on your first AVOYP post! (something I’m still working myself up to)
You have a lovely voice! I love the song and enjoyed your playing :smiling_face:
Also, love the ‘klick’ :smiley:

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Loved this too!! @brianlarsen even if it was kind of scary :laughing:


Second time around for me on this and, wow, what a great first AVOYP post. Not only was the playing and vocal done well but you had a nice mix with the BT.


@SgtColon @JasmineJ @oldhead49 Thank you all for listening and your comments. Yes, I love those klick moments, they keep us playing and persisting, don’t they? :slightly_smiling_face:

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I couldn’t stop laughing about this weird bread baking video! You dig up every corpse out of his cellar :joy: Did @brianlarsen work on a career as a TV cook before? That’s so funny! I swear, I’ll try this recipe.
This baking story reminded me immediately at Laid Back’s “Bakerman is baking Bread” video, where the whole band including instruments jumped with parachutes out of an airplain and the songtext is completely gaga Laid Back - Bakerman Original Video - YouTube. By the way, it’s a Danish band…nothing to say…
Attention @brianlarsen: please Brian : :no_entry: don’t pack your fellow family band members in a plane and jump with your painted guitar, somewhere over the Irish Sea, out of it to top your last performance!! :no_entry:


Apologies for my agent video-bombing your thread with my half-baked experiments, Andrea. :roll_eyes:
On the bright side, I can’t believe I never came across the Bakerman song before. And what a cool video- directed by Lars von Trier, no less! :open_mouth:
Rest assured I have no intention of ever jumping out of another aeroplane. Twice was enough. I distinctly remember almost shouting: “Hey, some fool just opened the door!”, and being even more disorientated when the first person actually jumped out :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:


Hey Andrea, that was excellent! Congratulations on breaking the ice and doing it in style, lovely view as well!
Keep doing what you’re doing, it’s working very well!

Thanks, Darell!

It’s good to know how to handle things. It’s all about Justin’s amazing courses. Glad I’ve found him and the community :blush:.

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:clap: :clap: :clap:
Bravo, Andrea, congratulations on your AVOYP debut. Wonderful to celebrate such breakthrough moments. Playing and singing sounded lovely.

You mentioned you recorded with your phone. If it is a reasonably current model then should be a simple matter to make the next recording a video rather than audio. I know being seen and heard is another step from just being heard. You will be fine and it allows people to potentially offer a little more feedback.

Keep on keeping on, with the app and when you are ready you can come back to songs performed with the app and perform them solo.

As for the bar you mentioned, everybody who ‘raises’ the bar began just where you are now. And I think one of the mental pitfalls to avoid is that of comparison. Enjoy your learning, your practice, your playing and we will all enjoy and celebrate progress with you.

Look forward to your next.

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@DavidP Thank you so much for your kind words, David. It means a lot to me, you are such a backbone of this community, always finding the right words to encourage others!

My recording was a product of chance, I planned to do a video recording the next day, but then I got ill and my voice is gone since then. Hopefully the next one will be a video!

You are right on this one, but it’s just human, due to the big variety of really amazing performances we’ve heard and seen within the last months also from beginners who are doing really well.


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