Helen 0609 - Heart of Gold cover - 1st time singing and playing

Hello Andrea!
Congratulations on your first AVOYP. This was absolutely lovely :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.
Playing and singing simultaniously is not an easy task. I’m so happy for you, that it suddenly made “klick” :smiley:.
And I really like your voice. It suited perfectly to the song :blush:.

At the moment I’m i’ll, too (not able to practice :weary:) - so I wish both of us a quick recovery, and I’m looking forward to your video when you feel ready :hugs:.

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Hello Andrea :hugs: I must confess…I was waiting for this and now I’m very happy you broke the ice with the AVOYP…Congrats!:blush: Well it was worth waiting,
but I must disagree with you as I think you have a very beautiful voice indeed! And the strumming also sounded good, smooth and relaxed and going along nicely with the track. I’m hearing some dynamics too…you’re using different patterns, aren’t you? Thank you for sharing your joy of this wonderful “click”! :blush::sunflower::sunflower::sunflower:


Wooo Hoooo !!

Congrats Andrea on your debut AOVYP what a great recording. Steady solid rhythm end to end but how wonderful that singing/playing moment suddenly clicked for you. And I am glad it has not taken you as long as it did me, for that light bulb to come on. Its a great feeling when you realise “Hey I can do this !!” So well done and by the way, nothing wrong with your singing, for sure !!

You Rock Chick Bass

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Andrea, great job on your first AVOYP. Really nice and even and great singing. It is good when it klicks, moments we live for. Looking forward to more.

@NicoleKKB Hi Nicole, thank you so much! I adore your picking and singing, awsome! Your last one was great! My vocal range isn’t very versatile, so there are only few songs for me…hope to get deeper into the blues!
Wish you a speedy recovery, I’m still feeling weak, couldn’t play for more than a week now, only a few songs, no structured practice…
@SILVIA It took me a little while…thank you for listening and commenting! It was one strumming pattern all the way through, only a little intro, I simplified for being able to sing… :wink: I didn’t play the intro riff correctly with the hammer ons… it’s left for consolidation :joy:. I’m happy you enjoyed it!


I’m struggeling with the same problem. I have to choose my songs very carefully for being able to sing along. There is one song I’ve been working on for quite a while. The (simplified) playing is OK, also the singing - except for one line in the bridge. Capo is no help in this case. I simply hope, by practicing the singing part over and over again, it will also make “klick” one day :wink:.

@TheMadman_tobyjenner I’m so happy about your post, Toby, thank you for that! So nice that you, as long time member of this community, still care about us beginners! I honestly have to admit, that at the moment, it only works with a few strumming patterns, can’t sing while playing e.g. Old Faithful… but there is really hope! Light at the horizon…

Maybe it has taken you a long time, but now your playing and singing always is a joy to listen, everyone knows. We all could need more of those Klick or light bulb moments, couldn’t we?

@philsmith Thank you, Phil, I hope to be able soon to post another one. Just needs some more klicks…


That sounds very familiar. I’m currently on a song, I mainly practice because it has a combination of several 7th chords and F/Fm chords. By the way, it is such a beautiful classic from an old movie, but hard to sing for me. Have to see, if I can develop it to a reasonable niveau. And as you say, there are a lot of songs, where it’s only a small part, a single line, that’s out of the individual range. But, as always: we are growing with our challenges!

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Have patience and keep at it and you will get there. I still find songs where the lyrics and rhythm of the song just seem to be fighting against each other - I am sure its why many bands have a lead singer who does not play ! With those its like all other things guitar, slow it right down and listen to the song and hear where each word falls in respect of the guitar part. The more you do it the easier it gets, I think :thinking: Keep sharing and we’ll keep listening !


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:clap: :clap: :clap: well done Andrea!

Posting your first recording is a big step, singing and playing together is another big step, so that’s one giant leap :slight_smile:

It really did sound good too.

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Really great stuff, Andrea! :star_struck: Loved your playing and vocals, I think you have the makings of a great voice and looking forward to hearing more! You mentioned above getting into more of the blues, I for one could totally hear you fitting perfectly into that genre and would be excited for the results! :clap::clap::clap::smiley::+1:

As an aside, just for my own curious self-indulgence :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, do you mind if I ask the origins of your handle @Helen0609? I know it’s thrown me off before by calling you Helen (sorry! :zipper_mouth_face::sweat_smile:) and a few others above. You’ve probably mentioned why elsewhere but I’m curious to know. Do you also go by Helen or is there another less obvious reason? :thinking: Feel free to ignore if this is a stupid question born out of my ignorance! :joy:

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Excellent Andrea!!!
Sounded great. Awsome vocal. Keep em coming :grin: :+1:

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Hi Andrea,
Nice job… What stands out to me is your vocals. Very nice. You have everything synced up and sounding tight. Way to go on this classic!

All the best,

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Oh yes! You’re right. But we’ll get there… patience and persistance is key and the support of all those nice folks here!

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@direvus Thanks Brendan. Yes, it was a huge step…but now it’s done and it feels good!
@nzmetal I’m not experienced at singing at all, I’m a classical kitchen singer :see_no_evil:. Where I am is music… but singing wasn’t my cup of tea so far…it’s out of necessity, because guitar alone isn’t enough for most of the songs.
The Blues is my goal at the moment. That kind of music touches me inside, I feel the vibes and I like this dragging rhythms. Can’t wait to move on to some more blues stuff after consolidation.

The secret of the middle name :wink:

@tRONd Hi Trond! Happy to read your post! Are you still playing? I was always a fan of your performances! Hope everything is ok? Greetings!

Ha, was just a one take with my phone recorder. I’m not into recording and production yet… I’m not sure, if I jump into that ocean too… :joy:
I’m fully stretched with my acoustic and getting out a reasonable sound of my electric!
Thanks for listening!

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Yep. Still playing Andrea. I am on the forum frequently to check out the latest. I am not so active on the forum as i used to be, it has become a really busy place last 10 months. Trying to check out the AVOYPs, but it is difficult to keep up :grin:
Right now i am doing the SOS strumming course, trying to improve my strumming.

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Ah! Thank you! Really appreciate getting the sneaky insight! :wink: :sweat_smile:

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Well done, Helen. It’s a great skill to learn to play and sing at the same time. I’m not a highly accomplished musician but i have learnt from rock bottom musically. When i meet young people who just want to play guitar and they avoid singing I try to encourage them to sing, as well. Ok, it’s up to them but what a wonderful skill it is. Well done again.

@DAVE_J I totally agree. Singing opens quite a new dimension. I started late with learning guitar at 53, never thought I would ever sing. But it’s so relaxing to sing and play. You can be very happy having learnt from rock bottom. Thanks for your encouragement!