Helen 0609 - Heart of Gold cover - 1st time singing and playing

As I introduced myself to the community in January 2022, I never expected, that I would ever post a video/audio of me playing in a public space. There is so much talented and creative folk around here, so I didn’t feel any need for a post of my playing and certainly not of me singing. Over the months, the huge wave of AVOYP’s increased, the bar was set higher and higher, that didn’t help to jump into the cold water, too.
I’m currently finishing Grade 2 and one set goal for my consolidation is, to finally being able to play and sing at the same time and to tick this box. I was able to sing and play with simple down strums but never while using any kind of other pattern.
Then, two weeks ago, there was the big “klick”. I started one of my usual audio recordings for self assessment during a practice session and suddenly it happened……

As this community is so supportive and nice, I wanted to share this moment of joy with you! It’s a decision of “now or never” for me, or, as Justin says: “Nothing to lose, but everything to gain”. I’m not a great singer, my voice isn’t the best one, but it’s a first try…

I had no mic, simple phone recording, BT from JG Song App through Blackstar ID Core 20 V3. I kept the song simple, as focus was on singing and playing together. Sorry, for only delivering audio, but at least I attached a nice background foto of the Alps, where I live. Constructive advice appreciated. Thanks!


Bravo Helen and congrats on your first AVOYP post. Nothing to worry about in terms of that song…lovely vocal and guitar sounded great. Only suggestion would be to try and get your vocal and guitar slightly louder BUT that is me being picky and appreciate you only recorded on your phone

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Hi Andrea,
:sunglasses: :partying_face: :clap: :bouquet:
Your first (??) :smiley: you’ve been here for a while can`t believe it …almost :blush:…great job .It’s a bit difficult for me to comment without a video…but great photo of the roof of “our” world :sunglasses:…but I really like the singing with the guitar playing , it was really good to listen to, with all the limitations of recording it still sounded like the song (,if this make sense?)
And like a kid who gets a finger and wants the whole hand I say “up to a song with a video” :smile: :blush:…if you are ready :blush:

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Really great playing and singing! I agree with Jason the levels should probably be adjusted but I think that’s more to do with recording with your phone than anything else. Great job!

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Andrea @Helen0609
Well done that sounded great.

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Terrific Andrea, that’s one of my favourite Neil Young songs, unfortunately I’ve not got the vocal range for that as I feel it needs to be played in capoed. You could try just recording yourself on the phone camera which might help vocal volume? Great job well done :clap: :+1:

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Andrea, that was really good. So happy that you decided to share an AVOYP, it’s a big moment. Hopefully there is more in your future!

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That was great, Helen, and good for you posting your first AVOYP and sharing your joy! Are you playing harp too? Levels are a bit low but that’s a function of recording on your phone, so overall everything sounded really good.

Nice photo of the Alps too :slightly_smiling_face:

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Well done Helen. A great start to your AVOYPS. Clear chords, timing is pretty good, and your voice is quite pleasant.
Feels good when you get that first one done, doesn’t it?
All the best.

Cheers, Shane

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Your playing and singing at the same time goal was certainly met. I believe the singing stumbles due to the concentration when we try to sing and play but you displayed no sign of that at all. Your singing, and your voice were very very enjoyable. The entire performance was enjoyable.

I know what you mean by experiencing the “klick”. Isn’t it a great feeling to break through a barrier in this whole guitar journey?

Fabulous job Andrea.

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That sounded great Andrea well done :clap:t2: :clap:t2::clap:t2:

Well done Andrea, big congratulations for posting your first AVoYP. The first one is the biggest hurdle.
Lovely steady guitar play and you needn’t worry about your vocal, you’ve got a really good voice.
Your playing and singing could stand alone here, you didn’t need the backing track.
Looking forward to your next one.

Andrea, that was really nice, thanks for sharing. You just inspired me to revisit that song. There were a few moments in that song where your voice broke through and had a very unique and cool sound. Keep exploring that, I think you’re on to something!

Congrats Helen!

Well done, Andrea. That was a fabulous first AVoYP post. Lovely guitar playing, good rhythm and nice clean chords. Bravo.

Fantastic Andrea. Your voice sounded really great with good pitch and timing with the guitar. Not easy to do. Can we have more please.

@Rossco01 Thanks Jason for your kind words, yes, have to work on recording, too. But there’s so much to learn and so little time…
@roger_holland you are such a nice fellow guitar student, thank you for the encouragement, maybe the next one will be a video :blush:
@alexisduprey @MAT1953 Thank you, Alexis and Michael, very appreciated!
@MadModMcd Thank you, Ian. I really love songs of Neil Young and thanks god my vocal range fits. I hope some day being able to play a little more than the very basic version of Harvest Moon, too.


@jkahn Hi JK, you are one of those to be guilty of setting the bar really high in this community, so I feel happy, that you enjoyed my little song!
@Mari63 No, unfortunately I don’t play the harp, but my father does. He’s 83 and it would be really fine to play together. But this is a song I would really love to develop and maybe someday, I’ll be able to play the harmonica too, some YT tutorials are available.
@sclay Thank you so much, Shane! You’re right, it’s a good feeling to step out of the own shadow… ( according to your own thread…what if I’d never done that? :wink:)


Oh yes, it is! And I’m enjoying it! Thank you for your nice words!

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@sairfingers Thank you Gordon! What a big compliment! The BT still is kind of a crutch for me… I’m working on it!
@Billca Thank you, Nancy!
@rlegault Hm, that sounds almost too good to be true… I hear my voice very thin and not at all made for singing. Good to hear, that maybe, it’s not as bad as I think :see_no_evil:
@ReneAsologuitar @Socio @rorystrat thank you all so much! I really appreciate your feedback! Hope, I’m able to record another song, but I always mess them up while recording…so can take some time :wink:

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Hey Andrea, that was great, well done for posting up your first recording! Terrific strumming pattern mix throughout the song. Your voice sounds lovely and suited the song very nicely. I really hope this is the first of many to come, you can’t deprive us of more after such a debut :slight_smile:

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