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Did a little introduction a couple of weeks ago, here: Hi, Helen (28,F,UK) here :)

I’ve been playing again a little but I think I’m trying too hard ‘Intermediate’ level stuff. This isn’t motivating me when I sound awful. I think I just need to admit to myself I don’t have the beginner basics anymore.

I’m going to start going through Justin’s beginner course from the beginning on a night.

I’ve drawn out Minor Pentatonic and Major scales as well which I’m going to try drill into my head for a few minutes each morning.

I just want to have fun with it but I can’t if I don’t have the basics I can make beginners things fun right?

This (the video - hopefully I got the link right) is really basic I didn’t time it or anything. It’s just a tab from ultimate guitar, Clapton’s version of Autumn leaves. I just liked it, I’m not sure how you guys record I only have my iPhone8. I’m not sure it picked it up too well though.



Helen, look forward to following you progress through your LL.

I think it’s an excellent idea to review and refresh the foundation by working through the first few grades. And then continuing with the intermediate paths that take your you fancy.

Enjoyed the recording. The link worked fine. Many people record with just a phone. The only thing I’d suggest, if it is a possibility for you, would be to turn up the volume on the guitar a little. The overall level is pretty low and I think would sound better if a little louder. Keep working the song to continue to improve your fluency and feel, the tone, until it reaches the level where you are delighted by it.

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I also enjoyed the recording. well done.

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You’re putting the time and the work in Helen and you’re having success.

Do you know Justin has a series of 6 lessons on Autumn Leaves?
Autumn Leaves

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Good to see you starting a Learning Log you’ll look back down the line and see hwo far you have come. Recording was fine and you are doing well, as Maggie says there are lesson on Justin website for the song and a good chance of them being more accurate than anything on UG.

One of the important things I found was to all always keep working on what you have learnt so far and keep doing that alongside the new stuff you are learning. Best way to do that is by playing songs. There will always be times when you hit something that it is harder to learn, so you just need to work on that a little longer. And not try to learn too much too soon.

Also no harm at all going back to the beginning and starting again. Its a good value exercise and will reaffirm what you you know and what you can do. I lost my mojo many times doing the old Classic Beginners course and restarted 3 times and I had similar moments during the Intermediate courses. Reviewing reaffirms but also highlights areas you may have passed too quickly (and that is all students) and maybe never quite nailed ? With all the additional material Justin has added to the recent Grade system update and website revamp, I have spent the last couple of months right back at the beginning and currently just started Grade 3 and that’s about 4/5 years after completing the Intermediate courses.

Never any harm to go back over old ground, it will make you a better player.

Look forward to hearing more of your development and more recordings.



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Thank you.x

Great, I’m just happy the upload worked. I’ll have a look at ‘turning it up’ a little I think I’m just so used to playing for myself.

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I didn’t no, thank you for the link I’ll definitely take a look at those.x

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Yeah, all great advice thank you.x

I don’t want to lose some of the more advance things I’ve learnt but do need to work on foundations. I think playing songs alongside doing the beginner course would be a good way to do this and also keep me having fun with it. I probably do need to be a bit more patient with myself too.

Good to hear some of your journey as well , when I first picked up a guitar a few years ago I did the original beginners course so I’m also looking forward to having the new content to go through.

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