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your username is amazing thank you for the welcome!

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Well, thanks! I came up with it many years ago, while pursuing an advanced degree in Philosophy. I really loved Socrates, and in “The Apology” (also known as “The Trial of Socrates”), one common interpretation is that Socrates was intentionally antagonizing the jury, since he didn’t believe they would acquit him either way. When he is convicted, by a relatively narrow margin, he expresses a bit of surprise.

Also, on a longer timescale, Socrates was basically tried and executed because he dared to question authority figures and make them look foolish. They saw him as an annoyance, and he even referred to himself as a gadfly biting the horse (Athens, his home city) to get it moving. Hence, right up to the end, Socrates died trolling.


Hello and welcome from South Australia Amy. Great to have you here with us.

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