Hello - Bhushan here from India

Hello All,

I’m Bhushan. A beginner from India (started learning during 2012 but left it due to other responsibilities). Looking to start learning it again. I came across Justin’s channel and looking forward to start learning. Just looking for a nice guitar ( confused between Yamaha F310 and Tanglewood TWCR D) and accessories so that I can start my journey.

Glad to be part of this community!! :slight_smile:


Hello Bhushan.

Welcome to the community and good luck with your guitar journey.

For the guitar question, i seen your post and Im sure someone will reply in that post.

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Welcome tk the community Bhushan

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Hello Bhushan and welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

I’m sure there will be plenty along to help you with your confusion.

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Hi Bhushan and welcome.

There will be no stopping you once you get your guitar ! Just follow the grade system from the bottom upwards and you will do ok. Any questions ? That is what the Community is all about, supporting and guiding one and other !



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Welcome @bhush1121

I don’t know much about Tanglewood, except they are an import brand to the UK. A quick google search looks like people are happy for the entry level guitar they are.

Personally, I would lean Yamaha. I don’t know the models well, but they have generally good quality. I have liked the ones I have picked up and my impression is they are well made and relatively easy to play.

Isn’t the F310 a jumbo?

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Welcome Bhushan to the community. Yamaha and Tanglewood generally have a good reputation quality wise. Might be an idea to post your question about guitars on the gear part of the community.

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Thank you @Jamolay for your insights. Not sure what Jumbo means. Just read a lot of good reviews on F310 for beginners and Tanglewood was suggested by a friend.

Thank you @Rossco01 Yeah, already posted it there. Awaiting some responses :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome Bhushan. I have a Tanglewood Tw4 made out of solid koa wood and mahogany and its a lovely guitar. Came very well set up and sounds wonderful. Tanglewood are a uk company but all of their manufacturing is done in china. The yahamas are also very well made and are regularly mentioned as really good guitars for beginners. Hope you enjoy yourself here :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Bhushan,

Welcome to the JG community. Good to know you decided to pick up the guitar again. The first year is crucial - so don’t give up and keep practicing.

On guitars, both are good. I’d suggest you buy it from a music store and not online. That way you can try out both, see what feels and sounds best to your ears, and you can have the store setup the guitar for you (for free).

I think Justin mentions them in one of the beginner lessons but I do recommend a gig bag (protect from dust) and a stand. Other than that you just need a thin pick. Everything else you’ll need as a beginner is available on the appstore/playstore.

Happy learning :slight_smile:

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Hi Bhushan, you have certainly landed in the right place. Follow Justin’s program, practice at least a little every day, and participate actively here in the community and you cannot go wrong. Since you were learning before it sounds like maybe you have a guitar, or have access to a guitar, so hopefully you still have that to play while you decide what new guitar to get. If you buy in a store your choice may come down to what is available there. Actually with the way supply chains for virtually everything have been disrupted by this C19 virus that may be true for online as well.

Good luck with whatever you end up with!

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@Dave911 Yeah. That’s the sad part. Can’t visit stores unfortunately. Half of them are closed and other half don’t have either of these guitars here. So, the only option I have is to go for online shopping. Hopefully I ll pick the right one from the right place :slight_smile: I had a guitar back then, but don’t have it anymore. The neck was broken while moving. :frowning: Looking forward to quickly get one and get started.

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Welcome Bhushan. I see you’ve asked for help with your guitar in the Gear thread.

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Hello and a very warm welcome Bhush. :slight_smile:

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Thank you all for the inputs!!

Got myself Yamaha F280. :star_struck:

Can’t wait to get started!!

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Happy NGD Bhushan !! :sunglasses:

Welcome to the Community, Bhushan. Wish you much joy with your guitar and learning to play.