Hello, Dave from Melbourne, Australia

Dave, I scrolled through some of the Old Dog threads and found this one from Kasper that I found very relavent to the practice routine I have fallen into.

Kasper does a better job expaining it so I am reposting the meat of his post:

When playing the guitar I think it’s important to be conscious about the fact that there are two “modes” - there is “practice mode” (scales, OMC, finger dexterity, theory, new chords etc etc)… and then there is “playing mode” … actually playing songs.

When you practice it’s about being precise and seeing measurable improvements. When you play it’s about making beautiful music and having fun. When playing it’s totally ok to be a little sloppy (although we should, of course, try to avoid it and play as best as we can)… but it’s better to play a full song from A to Z, making a small mistake or two, than not trying it at all.

So going back to that word “needlessly”; the way I see it… when you’re practicing there is not a sufficient need for you to try to go further. What would you gain? It’s easier to stay safe and just practice the same scales, same OMC etc.

But when you pick a song you love and that you really want to learn how to play (again, allowing yourself a little bit of slop, if necessary) then you really have to push yourself until you can play it from A to Z. And there is a result in the end - that you can perform a song for your wife (or just for yourself).


Save, welcome to the community forum.

Thanks SteveL. It’s nice to be here among likeminded people.

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That’s a great statement and good advice. My own goal when starting out was to be able to play some of the songs I grew up listening too and loving. Music has a way of transporting you back in time.

G’day Dave and welcome. I’m from Melbourne too and 59 so a bit of a late starter like you. I know exactly what you’re saying about the whole lockdown experience. We set the world record here. I started learning almost 4 months ago and am enjoining the structure of Justin’s course. It always seems to be at just the right pace and brings in new concepts just before I start to think I’m going a bit stale. I wish you smooth and fulfilling progress. Cheers, Dale

Thanks for the welcomeDale, I just wish I’d started 10 years earlier. I can imagine where my playing level would be at now!:smile:

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That’s what makes JustinGuitar so superb.

Hello Dave and welcome to the Community.

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Thanks for the welcome Richard. I’ve “lurked” in the background for a while. I have seen that the community here are welcoming and always helpful, and with moderator/teachers, such as yourself, providing enjoyable incites into theory topics, this make the site special too.

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Welcome Dave :wave: I was a lurker too, seeing how supportive and helpful the community is here I’ve recently got more involved myself. Hope to see you around, have fun :v:

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Thanks Lee. I’ll keep an eye out for your progress reports🙂

Thanks Rene, I feel like I’m in good company here.

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Thanks Kim. And don’t worry, there are lots of excellent players with short fat fingers.:+1::guitar:

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Hi Tjeerd, thanks for the welcome. I’m amazed how widespread the community is. Looking forward to improving my playing.

Thanks Rogier, great to be here.

Thanks Trevor. I do enjoy Justin’s teaching style.

Thanks Andrea. I asked her yesterday if there had been any improvement in my playing and she said I’ve definitely improved! I didn’t dare ask by how much😂.


Thanks Tony. By the way, I’ve really enjoyed reading your learning log. Great progress.

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Thanks, I’m hopeful it helps others.