Hello, Dave from Melbourne, Australia

Hi Everyone, I’m not exactly new here, I’ve been browsing the forum for quite a while, and have finally decided it’s time to introduce myself to the forum community.
My guitar journey began at the young age of 69 years, finally fulfilling a lifelong yearning to play guitar. With Covid wreaking havoc around the world, and being locked down at home for 22hrs a day in Melbourne, I had plenty of spare time. I went online, bought a cheap acoustic guitar and a modelling amp. After trying Fender Play for 12 months, and not being inspired, I jumped all around the internet picking up bits and pieces of theory and techniques here and there, most of which were beyond my current capabilities. With Justin’s beginner courses I found a structured approach to learning and reinforcing the basic skills necessary for playing guitar. So, 2 years after starting my journey, and with a long road ahead, here I am posting my intro and hoping to both share my own experiences and to benefit from the experiences of other members.


Hello Dave and welcome to our community. :slight_smile:

Jump right on in, there is plenty of guitar talk to be had around these here parts.

Thanks, when I work up the confidence, I’m going to have a go at posting a recording in the beginners video section, to get some feedback/advice on improving my playing. I’d ask my wife for feedback but she’d just tell me to give up playing.:joy:


You can always rely on your wife to bring you back down to earth. :rofl:

Do, do Dave, it’s really good to get feedback from others to help steer you in the right direction and remember, we’ve all been there.

Hello Dave… Welcome to the community!!!

Hi Dave,
Welcome and keep having fun :sunglasses:

Hi Dave, welcome, nice to have you here!

Uups, I don’t think she’s right, no I’m sure she isn’t :joy:. Enjoy your learning and playing!

Hi Dave, welcome. I wish I’d thought to buy a guitar during covid! I think a lot of us puttered around the web for a while before finding Justin. I started in December, caught covid, and had to quit till the end of January and then I discovered the website. So, I guess covid finally did have something to do with my journey after all. :rofl: Looking forward to hearing more from you. I am sure a bunch of the other Aussies have chimed in already. From the US here at the age of 64ish.

BTW there’s an Old Dog’s thread somewhere around here if you want to pop in.

Welcome, Dave!

Welcome Dave, Justins course is the way to go.

Hey Dave, welcome to the community, always good to hear another aussie checking in. I have a couple of daughters that live in Melbourne. Visiting them last year I managed to visit a couple of the guitar shops in the area, the Acoustic Centre was mind blowing amazing.

Hi Dave, welcome. Good you’re fulfilling a lifelong yearning to play guitar. Enjoy playing it.

Hi Dave,

welcome here, and I wish you a wonderful guitar journey. You are in excellent company here!

Kind regards,


Hi Dave, 68 here and 10 months into the journey. You found the right place.

Can’t believe how far I’ve come in such a short period of time! Definitely going to look for that Old Dog thread!

Hi Dave and welcome to the community. Wishing you a great and enjoyable guitar journey. :pray:

Welcome to the community Dave. What area of Melbourne? I’m southeast.

Thank you all very much for the warm welcome, such goodwill toward a newcomer is very reassuring, and reaffirms my initial good impressions of the forum.

Hi prbushe, I’m not far from the foothills of Mt Dandenong also in Melbourne’s South East.

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This old dog is hoping to learn a few new tricks so I’ll have to check it out too.

Thank you. Melbourne in Victoria holds the record for the worlds longest lock down of residents (over 260 days in total). Learning guitar helped keep me sane! (I think :smile:).
Will definitely look at the Old Dogs thread.

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