Hello everybody Rick 168 from Australia

I started my guitar journey again approximately 1 year ago, having found that I may have started wrong way by learning or trying to learn lead guitar first . Many an hour on the web and finally made a decision, have come to Justin Guitar.
I have original for a period of 3 years studied classical guitar to find out this is not for me and came away disappointed.

This was a long time ago and now with my electric guitar a Epiphone Sl less Paul have started my journey again , with Justin as a beginner having found the course curriculum great and what I need , a structured guide line as now a oldie a little more time is needed to learn.

My inspiration for guitar come from Dave Gilmore , Kfir Ochaion , John Mayer, just a few and have been loving the time learning. I look forward to what my guitar journey will bring and to what I may achieve.

I look forward to our communique in the future and your help and guidence

cheers Rick168


G’day Richard and welcome to the community. Great to see another Aussie join the fray.

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Welcome to the community Rick, from another Aussie.

Cheers, Shane

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Welcome, @Rick168 !

Hi Rick!
Welcome to the Community! Also from another Aussie :smiley:

Hi Rick! Welcome to the community!

Hello prbushe, thank you, glad to be aboard

Hello sclay thank you for your welcome, glad to be aboard

Hello ReneAsologuitar, thank you for your welcome, glad to be aboard.

Hello jasminejames, thank you for your welcome, glad to be aboard.

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Hello Helen0609 thank you for your welcome, glad to be aboard.

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Hi Rick,
Welcome and I wish you a lot of fun :sunglasses:
No more excuses for not getting better at guitar from now on :smiley:

Hello roger_holland, thank you for your welcome. All full steam head from now on.

Thanks again

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Hello Richard… welcome to the community :smiley:

Welcome, Rick. The community is a great place to find help or just hang out when you’re not practicing.

Hello Dave999, thank you for your welcome.

Hello LunaRocket, thank you for your welcome. Great to be here and reading some of the stories I certainly do not feel alone , see we all follow a same path and share the same experiences. Have a good day.

cheers Rick168

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Hey Rick, welcome to the community, plenty of aussies, like me, around here. Look forward to hearing more.

Hello Tony, thank you for your welcome. Wow good to see there are quite a few of us aussies here.

There is nothing better then a good group of people getting together, I am fortunate where I live that there is quite a community of like minded people who share the love of the guitar , great to have a jam session we are all learning.
cheers Rick168

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That’s awesome, I was fortunate to find a similar group when first starting out. It makes it so much better.