Hello everyone

My name is Anton, and I am 33 years old, born in Finland in 1989. I have been playing guitar since January 2016. Started with the old Justin Beginner course. I bought his songbooks, beginner course books, and DVDs. At first, I just looked at how to play songs from Justin’s videos, but gradually I started learning songs by watching the performances on YouTube or reading from tab. My ears are not very good, so I just usually look at a video of the performance and look where they put their fingers. Of course, I try to make sure that the note is correct. Rhythm I cannot read from notation, so I have to listen to the song a lot.

I started by purchasing this bundle from Thomann:

I lived in an apartment building at the time, so I just strummed the guitar without plugging it in most of the time or played with headphones. At that time, I was just going through the songs in the beginner course. I bought a Taylor GS Mini acoustic guitar, but I can’t remember when I bought it. Before buying a strat, I think.

I upgraded to a strat in 2018:

Also bought a Line6 Spider modelling amp.
I later traded the GS Mini for a Martin 000-17 Black Smoke in 2020.

My favorite guitarists are: Tommy Emmanuel, James Taylor, SRV, B.B. King, John Frusciante and Neil Young.

My plan going forward is to learn more songs. I might buy a nylon string electro-acoustic type of guitar next. I also want to buy a ES-335 for bluesy stuff. Also want to upgrade my amp.

At this time (nov 2023) I am going through the Dominic Miller Songbook and have memorized the first song in there but I still can’t play it at the original tempo.

Here is me playing a short little riff idea I came up with after changing my tuning to DADGAD: DADGAD idea and thanks Justin for teaching me guitar!


Hi Anton -

Welcome to the community! Sounds like you have a wealth of experience, I look forward to hearing more from you …

all the best

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Greetings Anton,
Welcome to the community! Lotsa great help here and good luck with your playing the guitar!

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Hi Anton,
Welcome here and I wish you a lot of fun :sunglasses:

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Hi Anton.
I’m still new here myself so welcoming you from another new person here.
Seems like a great place to land to me and I’m happy I landed here too.

Looks like we have some similar tastes in music. I’m real down with Neil Young too. I’ve also been working on a James Taylor tune that he and Carly Simon did. It’s a finger pickin song too and I ain’t to great at finger pickin yet (your much better than me), so I been at learning it for a bit now. Still not there yet either.

Love your demo too. Your very good.

Sounds like your ‘plan going forward’ is so far about like mine too. Learn some new songs. Though I think it’d benefit me to go do some JG lessons, which I also intend to do.

As for the 335 guitar and a new amp. Go for it man! GAS is real I think.
However my last two purchases have cured me of GAS for the moment.
A Casino (hollow body w/P90s, yum, yum) and a '65 Princeton Reverb-Amp reissue. Had them for a bit now and I highly recommend either. The China Casino’s ain’t to pricey either. :wink:

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Welcomd to the forum Anton

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Hi Anton
Welcome, just listened to your marc ribot avoyp. very impresive, Ribot is also one of my favourite guitar players. neil young, too

Welcome to the community. You’ve got great taste in music. I’ve been fortunate enough to see BB King in concert twice and Tommy many times. Look forward to hearing more from you.

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Welcome, Anton. Looks like you’re doing well already!

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Saw him play that piece live and it was amazing!

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Welcome to the community Anton.

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Hello Anton and welcome to our community. :slight_smile:

That was some pretty sweet playing. It sounded lovely.

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Hi Anton, welcome to the community. I loved your video of the DADGAD fingerstyle arrangement. I look forward to hearing more from you.

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Hi Anton, welcome. Good you’re having fun with the guitar. Any shortcoming you find in your playing Justin may have a lesson for it.