DADGAD idea and thanks Justin for teaching me guitar!

Learning guitar has changed my life and wanted to tell it to this community.


I just came up with this idea on the guitar and wanted to share it. My second day playing in DADGAD tuning and it is amazing how changing from standard tuning to another tuning can unlock your playing! A rut buster as you say.

Anyway if Justin ever reads these I just wanted to say thanks! I bought all your beginner course books and DVD’s years ago and learned how to play from them. Good stuff! Keep teaching!


Very nice, welcome to the community.

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That was really nice - I love DADGAD - I used to play in it a lot, but I’ve gone back to standard these days as I’m really trying to get the fingerboard and intervals nailed.

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Thank you. Im learning songs from Dominic Millers Songbook and some of the songs are in DADGAD. I love the sound of it now for sure after trying it out.

Welcome to the Community, Anton.

That was a delightful recording. The playing was top drawer, the composition lovely, and the recording sounded fabulous.

I hope you’ll share more of the songs as you learn them.

You may want to introduce yourself to the community over in Introduce yourself ..., just a short post sharing some personal background, guitar history, and aspirations.

Thanks David. I’ll try and record some covers of songs I have learned.

Sure I’ll go and write an introduction. I actaully did write something on the old forums but thats probably been deleted. It was a long time ago.

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Hello Anton :grinning:

A very warm welcome to the forum!

I really enjoyed your video. Keep up the great work :+1:

Wishing you lots of fun and success on your musical journey :grinning: :guitar:

Cheers from Germany
Gunhild :lady_beetle:

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That was beautiful Anton. Welcome to the forum!

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Great composition and great playing! I’ve used double drop D tuning but never heard of DADGAD - I’ll check it out.

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Very nice work ya did there Anton! Sounded great. In a alternative tuning too boot. Very cool. I enjoyed that.

I mostly play in standard tuning though the new song I’m trying to learn now uses double drop D.
I feel like I’m getting adventurous now… :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing.

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Thank you! You should check out an old video of Justins where he interviews Pierre Bensusan who composes music in DADGAD. His music is very good. Link:

I used to be afraid of alternate tunings. I would think: “no way im changing the tuning. I barely know how to play in standard”. Actually, with a tuning where just the open strings together sound nice, it makes playing somehow easier. Though you do not know the actual name of the chords etc. you just try and make a nice sound with the guitar by experimenting and the open tuning allows you to do it. I have not tried double drop D but I will in the future. The “coldplay” tuning is nice also if you ever learned the song “Yellow”. I think in that you tune the thinnest string down a semitone.

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Anton, that was a great composition in DADGAD and excellent playing and recording. I have just started learning DADGAD and just purchased a microphone for recording. Your video inspires me to explore the new tuning and to learn to improve my recordings. Thanks.

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Thank you! And good luck! Recording and getting the right sound can be a little difficult.

Exactly how I feel. I don’t understand the point of learning different tunings.

Welcome to the forum Anton from an electro-acoustic nylon string player. There are not many of us in the forum so it will be interesting to hear if you make the leap. I’m still very much in the trenches of the beginners grades on here, but find your playing super inspiring. Even perhaps to try some alternate tunings too. Looking forward to hearing more of your playing.

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