Hello! Fred Garvin from the old forum

Hi…first time posting in the new community. Already have an account with my Dashboard and Practice Assistant setup, so it’s just another menu selection available and nice to have everything integrated. I can see alot of value developing over time with more possibilities than with the old, separate forum.

I’m just beginning my guitar journey, both acoustic and electric. I’m following the JG Beginner Course, (I bought the physical book and both songbooks) ands also working through the old Gibson Learn & Master Course, with Tuesday nights Live Lessons with Steve Krenz.

Back in the 90’s I played bass for a blues/rock trio. We did pretty much everything SRV/Double Trouble plus alot of Hendrix. I latched on to Tommy Shannon and studied everything he did, learning to play bass. We did the bar gig scene for many years until it just burned me out. That was 20 years ago.


Good to meet you here, Scott.

I agree, the integration of the website with the Forum is probably the biggest benefit of this new Community platform. The old Forum was as big a part of my own learning as Justin’s lessons, and hopefully the integration will lead to an even more vibrant Community.

Sounds like you have some serious bass chops from days of yore, which I’m sure must help with learning the guitar. Look forward to you sharing your progress over on AVOYP when you are ready.

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Thanks! I also benefit from 4 years playing saxophone in band, back in jr high and part of high school, so I can sight read treble clef and have an understanding of basic music theory. It’s been a while though, but after a quick review using Alfred’s and the Gibson L&M lessons, it all came back.

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Welcome to the New Community Scott

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Thanks! I’m enjoying it so far…

Welcome Scott. Gosh you bring with you an impressive history playing music. I love to think of the experience and skills you have. I hope the burnout is well in the past and you are fresh and new and ready to go. I will be a thrill to hear your recordings as you work though Justin’s lessons and the magic they offer. Perhaps some originals from you too?

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It’s been 20 years since my days playing bass. Mechanically the guitar is more difficult because there’s more strings, closer together, so I have the challenge of more precise finger placement and not muting neighboring strings. This is just a matter of practice and muscle memory though.

The hardest part is mental. The fundamental way I hear music. Like everyone I hear the song, but inside, the way I feel it, the tune I hum, is the baseline foundation. The groove with the drummer. This is what I initially “get” in the music. This is my inner connection. I guess this is why I’m drawn to the Rhythm Guitar role.

The Lead Guitar, making the melody or even the entire song, is a whole new headspace for me. Learning to think like a guitarist, that’s the hard part.

It’s easy for me to identify a guitarist playing bass, over a bass player.

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Welcome to the Community Scott good to see you here. Great backstory. Remember, without the engine there’d be no lead guitar but you’ll get there !



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Welcome @Scott_Williams …your names are confusing me :smiley:

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Well, Fred Garvin is my Internet avatar I use everywhere…but when I setup my account here at JG, with the Dashboard and Practice Assistant tools, I used my name. It wasn’t linked to the old forum and was only for my personal use with lessons and purchases.

Is there an interesting story to share behind that, Scott?

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No, it’s just from an old SNL skit…one of my favorite Dan Aykroyd characters.

Fred Garvin SNL

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Yes, the Fred Garvin name immediately caught my attention :laughing: and made me open your thread. I’m glad I did as I enjoyed reading your backstory.

I’ve been MIA for the last few months and while it’s nice coming back and seeing the old crowd is still here it’s also great to see newer members too. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I also use this as my avatar pic:


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Thanks Scott, being from South Africa, I’ve never watched SNL and Fred was new to me.

Is that your hat Mr P ?

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Pretty close, Toby, but pleased to say I don’t have the matching jacket.

Now what I need is an emoji with that hat, though this is close given my usual strum a dum dum on the cowboy chords :cowboy_hat_face:

@Scott_Williams apologies for the off-topic side banter, it happens every now and then, forgive us :pleading_face:


No worries…not my first rodeo. I had a 3 digit ICQ#.

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