Hello from Brian - A newbie frustrated by plateau(s)

No problem.

And if you can’t get your rhythm problems sorted, you know where to find us!

Thank you for taking the time to respond and to offer encouragement. I hit 4 of 5 plateaus and kind of stopped practicing every day, then fingers softened, then got covid…after three shots and then gave it to my long suffering wife!

Anyway…I’m encouraged to get back on the horse…memorizing the fretboard now and trying to figure out caged cords and finger picking. And going to get a black shirt and pants and play some Johnny Cash!

Thanks again,


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Hello Brian and welcome to the community.
Another ‘old dog’ for our grizzly kennel! :wink:

Fundamentally in my view, guitar is a rhythmical instrument. I believe you can make it sound compelling and alive just by muting the strings and hitting on some steady rhythm.
It also happens to be a harmonic and melodic instrument - chords and embellishments.

And, of course, it is an instrument for playing songs. There are millions of good songs.
Follow Justin’s lessind and learn songs, learn songs, learn songs.

I always have to remind myself of what the great Andres Segovia said: the guitar is the easiest instrument to play, and the hardest instrument to play well.

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Hello Brian and welcome. :slight_smile:

Thankfully I’ve not hit a plateau yet but hopefully all the great advice here will help you through it.

Thanks Sgt!

Wow, nice thought and so darn true. Your supppoort is appreciated!

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Thanks Richard. The support in the Community site and from individuals is surprising and very much appreciated!


I tried metronome, but it did not really click…

After starting grade 2 I got the beginner song app, now I am starting to keep time and develop a rhythm after using for a couple of weeks…

I have not really used the song app’s new “click” feature yet, much. It seems like a great option, like a metronome with scrolling cords.

I have been playing just over a year and still have a lot of trouble with the metronome and timing. I am not terrible, but I need a lot of work in this area.

I would say the experience I have gained over the past year makes me realize that it is a worthwhile endeavor to keep at it, in spite of the difficulties, with the metronome.

I think the Apple version is different to the Android version that I have, I find the visual big dots lighting up for the beats or down strums, then small dots for potential up strums, along with the beat of the backing track is really starting to help me develop a better rhythm and well, playing in time to the backing track sounds very much better than not…

The visual features of the app and the metronome apps are easier for me than the auditory clicks, but I really don’t want to have to look at dots or lights to time music. I am working hard not to watch them, rather just listen.

Really what we want to do is not play by following the metronome. We want to play along with the metronome, so the timing has to be with the click not following the click. The click helps us know we aren’t straying from the time.

Hi Joshua, that’s where the JG Time Keeper App excels. Being able to apply beat drops and bar breaks to your practice routines to makes sure your not listening for or anticipating the clicks. If visual aspects are easier for you than auditory clicks but don’t want to look at dots or lights have you thought about something like vibrations instead?

Thanks! Yes I tried vibration. I didn’t like that. I think it is just more practice, then using the beat drops and bar breaks and so on for better training. There are some aspects that I am just slow on.

That is where I want to get to, feeling the beat, then following. The visual and auditory clues combined may help me to get there, seem to be helping right now.

I face going off on tangents as well. The great benifits of this System for me when i get lost is going back to basic, the the structure that this course gives you. I look at lesson tittles completed choose one i think ive neglected ant start there.Invariably i sense that focused practice is a Home base to hang out for awhile. IM 70 and seeing that your 80 and going on is inspirational.Thanks for that