Hello from Dan. 53 Brand New!

Want to play all my life and here I am at 53! Still not sure my fingers are ever going to stretch the right way or be long enough but every video I’ve watched including Justin’s says not to worry. Hope to be making meaningful musis soon! Listening has always been such a great stress reliever, I’m sure making it will be even better! Cheers everyone!


Hey welcome!

53 is a better age to start than 54!

Everyone has hand issues at the start, everyone has to work around their physicality , dont sweat it, its not easy but its worth it.


this definitely looks like a good way to learn anyways. Thanks.

Hello Dan & Welcome to the Community!!!

Justin’s program is a great way to learn guitar!!! Lots of older people starting (or re-starting, or re-re-re-starting etc) here! We even have a “ Can Old Dogs Learn New Tricks” thread… I think at 53 you barely qualify but we’ll let you in LOL!!! :joy:
Anyway, keep your guitar handy and play wherever you have a few minutes to spare & things will happen!!! Have fun on your journey!!!



Thanks. Def. feeling like an old dog more days than not lately! But the music will keep us young!

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Welcome to the forum Dan

Welcome Dan,

In the right place here mate.
Great tuition. Great community. Stick close to the lessons, and reach out anytime.
All the best.


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I’m 54 doing it too, you’re in good company!!

Welcome to the community Dan!

I only started learning/playing a little over 3 months ago, and while I’m not in my 50s yet (only 45, I got shooed away in the “Can Old Dogs Learn New Tricks” thread :rofl:), my fingers are a little messed up (I also practice Brazillian Jiu-jitsu which isn’t gentle on the fingers), I have small hands, short fingers and I thought “there’s no way I can ever do these chord thingies” but surprise surprise, a little bit of practice every day, and your body & hands adapt and you start doing things you never thought possible (albeit slowly and over time).

So be patient with yourself, don’t compare your progress to others, and enjoy the journey along with all the frustrations and the “woohoo” moments, and eventually you’ll be making your own music and loving it! :heart_eyes:

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Welcome to the group Dan, :wave:


Welcome Dan. Your fingers will get there, as we all say, practice, practice practice, (but practice perfectly!) :smiley: :guitar:

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Hi Dan,
Welcome here and I wish you a lot of fun :sunglasses:
No more excuses now that you take Justin’s lessons, you will learn the guitar! :smiley:

Hi Dan, welcome to the community! You will see, the decision to pick up guitar was right and you will get a lot out of it, even if it is hard sometimes. Playing songs is such a satisfying benefit and brightens up every day! Have lots of fun!

Hi Dan,

Welcome never to late to learn and we all have our hang ups on fingers and hands when you see people fret the bottom two strings with there thumb and still play the top three with there fingers :scream:

But look at Angus Young my hero small guy that makes it work for him and me :love_you_gesture: :rofl:

Important to find the right size guitar not something that is going to put you off but make you want to pickup and make it as easy as possible.

Good luck with your journey.

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Hi Dan, welcome :slight_smile:
You’ll be amazed how much more flexible and “longer” your fingers get with some good practice, have faith!!
You’re starting on a super fun journey so enjoy the ride and don’t hesitate to ask for any advice or support here, you’ll get it by the bucket load!

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Hi Dan,
Nice to meet you. Good luck with the guitar playing.
Some chord grips can feel awkward, almost impossible to begin with. After some persistence and consistent practice you will find they get easier and then start to become second nature. Stick with it and make sure your having fun along the way.
Best wishes,

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Hi Dan,

hello from yet an other 50+ member and beginner :smiley:

Exactly that…

and exactly that :smiley:
Wishing you lots of fun with the music, your guitar, and here in the forum!



Welcome aboard, Dan! :smiley:

It’s never too late to learn something new! :slight_smile: Glad you picked up your guitar and started this journey with Justin. You’re in very good company here.

Wish you lots of fun and all the best. Enjoy the ride. :smiley:

Cheers - Lisa

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Hello and welcome to our community Dan. :slight_smile:

Work on those finger exercises and their flexibility does become a lot better.

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Hi Dan
Nice to meet you :slight_smile: Welcome :smiling_face:
So, agreeing with all the previous posts - follow Justin’s lessons (he’s an amazing teacher) practice, practice, practice (perfectly :rofl:) and you’ll be playing meaningful music in no time. Music sure is a great stress reliever!
Cheers :sunflower:

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