Hello From Dayton, Ohio

This is a re-introduction, as I’ve been here before. I have started and stopped playing guitar several times, like many here, and around two years ago, I buckled down and got serious about it. Also, around that time, my Dupuytren’s Contracture began to get worse, and I had to stop playing. A year ago, I had surgery to correct it. Right before I had surgery, I pouted and sold all my guitars except for my original acoustic beater and bought a very nice electronic drum set. I enjoyed playing that until recently when I picked my acoustic back up and realized that I could play my guitar pain-free. Hello! I sold, actually traded, my drum set before Christmas for two very nice acoustics and I have started back at the very beginning, building my callouses up, getting rid of bad habits, and making sure I’m heading in the direction I want to go. I’ve never been very good at guitar, but I want to be as good as my efforts say I should be.
So … Hello! Again!


Welcome back. I’m glad you were able to get some relief thanks to your surgery!

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Welcome back Michael

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:wave: Welcome back.


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Yay! Glad you’re back, Michael. :clap:

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Hey Michael, welcome back. Really great news to hear that you are playing again. Looking forward to hearing more from you.

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Hi Michael,
Welcome back and I wish you a lot of fun :sunglasses:

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Welcome back Michael,

Good to hear the surgery went well
Have fun

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Hello Michael
Welcome back! That’s great your surgery went well and glad that you kept the acoustic and picked it up again! :smiley: :sunflower:

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Welcome back Michael! I’m from Columbus but I’ve lived in NC for a long time. Keep strumming friend!

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Welcome back Michael. I hope you stick with it this time.

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Welcome back from a Cincinnati guy.

Michael, welcome back. Glad that you can finally play pain-free.

Me too!

Welcome back! I had surgery to repair my left (fretting hand) wrist with a metal plate, I couldn’t play at all for several months, but 20 months on I’ve got back to where I was before, and then progressed even further, and I’ve no doubt that you’ll do the same :grin:

Welcome back to your guitar journey Michael!! Always nice to see the comeback!! :love_you_gesture::wink:

Welcome back Michael. :slight_smile:

It’s great to read you can now play your guitar without any pain.

Hi Michael, welcome back. Good that your surgery was successful and you’re now playing guitar again. If you played some drums in the meantime that should be also be good for your guitar playing. Have fun.

Thanks everybody for the hellos and welcome backs and so forth.