Hello, from Derek in Gloucester UK

Hi All. I’m Derek, (48). Started learning guitar about 15 years ago. Fumbled my way through some free online lessons, and free tabs, with a little theory, then after 3 years of frustration, because I couldn’t thrash out some solos like Jimmy or my fave Thrash metal bands, the guitar was left in the corner and gathered dust, until I eventually sold it. (A huge regret now). I got myself another cheap electric in May with some determination to learn properly this time, and start with Justin’s free course. I did go through Beginners 1 and 2 pretty quickly, seeing where I had previously got to and some of what I knew came back fairly quickly. Now half re-learning a good few of the old songs I used to butcher, but concentrating on the basics and rhythm, and actually starting to play a couple of tunes all the way through, along to the original / or with a metronome.
Hopefully now with Justin I can build myself a proper structured learning routine and play for fun (And not worry about learning the knicker dropping show off solos :slight_smile: )


Hello Derek and welcome aboard. :slight_smile:

:joy: Hopefully your motivation comes from a different place this time. :smiley:


Hey Derek, welcome to the community.

Nice to hear from you.

Learning to play songs all the way through is something I’ve always done. I’ll copy what I just posted to Nadine on the same topic…

I’ve noticed some players in my time who are really good at various riffs and such but if you ask them to play a song they can’t play any songs all the way through.

When I first learned to play 10 years ago I made sure I focused on learning one song all the way through. Soon it became 2 and now many more. I always tried when practicing my songs to not only play them all the way through but also work out how to start and finish each song.

Many times when I was first learning, I’d play a song till I made a mistake and then start over, but more recently I’ve noticed because I always play a song all the way through that mistakes no longer throw me the way they used to. I think that’s because I now am well and truly in the flow of completing my songs always. Hope this helps you see that for some of us there’s an advantage in playing the songs all the way through.



Welcome Derek! I’m in Wilts so not far away. I learned some new terminology ^


Been there, done that one, got the badge!
Not the best idea anyway, the sort like that are invariably not keepers, too fickle :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hi Derek! And welcome!

Great to hear you’re into Thrash! :metal: I’m a fan too. Would love to hear what songs you’re working on. I’ve been messing around with a few old favourites from Metallica and Slayer with mixed success… just rhythm of course, definitely no solos yet! :joy: Maybe one day… :crossed_fingers::confounded:


Hi Derek and welcome to Community! We have a fellow Gloucestershire resident here on the forum and on a personal note I used to live in Cheltenham for about a year and whole Gloucestershire is a place I really enjoy to visit whenever I am nearby :slight_smile: hope you enjoy your journey and stick around!


Thanks all for the warm welcome. I do look forward to engaging with the community, picking up some tips and tricks and maybe one day be in a better position to also help others where I can.

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Hello Derek, welcome to JG land and the community.

That’s the way! :slight_smile:

[quote=“dessa, post:1, topic:134190”]Now half re-learning a good few of the old songs I used to butcher, but concentrating on the basics and rhythm

Oh yes!

Even more yes!

You’re making me smile very much.
Keep this up and you’ll be a rock god sooner than you think.


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Hello Derek,
And so nice that you‘vo found Justin’s courses and this wonderful community. You‘re very welcome :hugs:.
Justin’s super structured learning path is so helpful. I‘m certain, you‘ll reach your goals .
I wish you lots of fun along your guitar journey :blush:.


Hi Derek,
Welcome ,and i wish you have fun and perseverance :sunglasses:
You won’t find better than here :smiley:


Hello Derek from another new member!

Welcome to the community from another new member :slight_smile:

Our guitar backgrounds are similar: playing thrash, giving up and later returning to guitar through Justin’s guitar course. I’ll wish you great success with the five magics of :guitar:!

(watching/learning, listening, practising, playing, remembering)


Hello Derek,
Glad to hear you’re getting back into playing. I had a hiatus during the 90s when I stopped playing for a few years but after only a couple of years I got back into it and haven’t really stopped since then. Playing with other people is a great way to keep you motivated.

Have fun learning and playing,


Welcome Derek. Good to see you giving it another go and Justins course is the way to do it.