Hello from Frank in Northern Nevada!

I just discovered the community today and thought I’d say hello.

I’m starting my guitar learning process a little late in life as I see several others are. I recently bought a new Taylor guitar and shortly after that discovered Justin’s course. I’m starting today!

Frank (aka: Devil Dog)


Lucky lucky.

Welcome Frank!

Plenty of learning to be had on here :slightly_smiling_face:

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Great stuff Frank, welcome to the community, I’ve owned a couple of Taylor guitars, they are very nice, look forward to hearing more from you.

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Welcome Frank! I’m from Oregon, nice to have more in the same time zone (you are PST right?). There’s so much to explore on Justin’s site, dashboard, songs, great lessons, but also some nifty phone apps.

I’m also a late starter but, hey, what’s retirement for if not for learning new things. :laughing:

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Welcome Frank!
Great to have you!
Today is a good day! Keep it up and the community will be here to listen.

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Hello and welcome Frank. :slight_smile:

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Thank you!

Enjoy the journey Frank, it has it’s ups and downs but well worth the effort

Welcome to the Community, Frank. Have fun studying, practicing as you learn to play.

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Hey Frank,

Welcome to the community mate!
(I think that was your post on Facebook today that I replied to).

Its the place to be for learning guitar, and engaging with others along your journey.
When you need help, just ask away. Great people here, all helping each other out.

Looking forward to your progress.


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Welcome Frank (Devil Dog). How’s Northern Nevada? I moved from Reno to the New Orleans area about 8-9 years ago. I miss the mountains, but the food here is amazing. You’re in a good place with JustinGuitar. Start from the beginning and take your time. You will love the journey.

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Hey Bill!

Moved from Sparks to Dayton when I retired… thanks for the welcome!


Welcome, Frank - you’re going to love it here - it’s a great learning resource and support community. I had lived in Carson City for 10 years & 10 yrs in Tahoe before that and have family and many friends there. Because I worked as a limo driver, know the region fairly well. I also cruised the back roads extensively by motorcycle. I’m 70 yo, and started playing again a few years ago - there’s no getting off this ‘magic’ bus for me… :upside_down_face:

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Hi frank:

Justin’s teaching methods are the best I’ve seen anywhere. He really knows what he is doing and is a great teacher. Follow his lessons in order if you can. I have made leaps and bounds in my progress since starting the course. No one runs for cover when I play like they used to. :grin: welcome


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Thanks Jeff, that’s very encouraging!

Thanks Papa G!

I hope to be following your example!

I was born in Carson City and then moved to Smith Valley in my mid thirties. We live in AZ now. We do miss the area but not the winters and springs. Good luck with the lessons. Have fun and enjoy the journey.

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Thanks for the welcome… you missed the 70mph winds two days ago. LOL!


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We had our share down here in AZ. But we still have family up there and we heard all about it. LOL

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Hello Frank, a very warm welcome. You’ve come to a great place and I hope you find the community to be a great place for support, friendship and ecnouragement as you learn.