Hello from Harry. I'm learning guitar at last, hoping music can be a tool to reclaim the childhood taken by abuse

Hi all,

First of all I apologize for the dark post but I intend it to be a hopeful one. My name is Harry Patrick. I am an Irish 40 years old guy and have been learning to guitar for six months. The title of this post seemed to fit well as although playing guitar and music are very enjoyable to me, there’s also a deeper meaning behind my learning.

In my family it was my grandmother was the primary music influence as she was a piano player and violinist at the Trinity school of music in London. I was always interested in music, both singing and guitar. However, I came from a violent household where my father, an insanely jealous man terrorized my mother and I on a daily basis. Furthermore, he belittled my every attempt to learn and made practice impossible due to a combination of angry rages, the threat of anger and emotional and psychological abuse. I feel like a missed out on a lot in life due to this but most of all I feel I missed my chance to develop a talent that I always wanted to acquire.

Right now, at 40 years of age I am going back to Guitar. Starting as a complete beginner and following Justin’s excellent lessons to the best of my ability. I am learning slow and certainly lack confidence but despite this I will keep going. What’s holding me back is the sad thought that maybe I missed out on my chance to develop to my full potential or even to become reasonably good. I won’t quit though and I am determined to keep trying. As learning music has brought back some traumatic memories for me it is something I have kept secret from my friends and family I am still in touch with. So any tips or well wishes would be most appreciated at this stage.

However, I am really happy I found this community and I look forward to sharing something in the future. Wish me luck ladies and gents. Best Harry Patrick


Hi Harry,
That’s quite a story to come in with,… you can’t get back lost years, you can only live in the now and you definitely have to keep faith that you DO succeed in learning to play the guitar well, … you really are super young and probably not even halfway through your life… :smiling_face:

Good luck and I wish you a lot of funtime here, :sunglasses:

Greetings,Rogier :sunflower:


Hi Roger and thanks. I debated sharing this but then decided that I should share it. This is who I am and I have nothing to be ashamed about. It’s also important to know the passion that drives me to play guitar.


Welcome to the Community Harry.
You’ll be pleased to know this is a warm, friendly and helpful place, Glad you have now found the opportunity to learn and play guitar. Take that opportunity with both hands, literally and run with it ! And shout up when ever you need help or advice.




Welcome to the forum Harry


Welcome Harry, That is some story, but hopefully you use it as the fuel to propel your journey. It is never too late too start, and you can achieve what you dreamed of in your youth. Don’t let the sadness of what might have been, limit what you can achieve. If you pick up your guitar today you will be better than you were yesterday. You have found a very supportive place to learn, so we look forward to your progress.




Welcome Harry and you are in the perfect place here to learn and follow your dreams of playing guitar. This is a great community that will provide all the support and encouragement you will need along the way. You are definitely not too late starting to get to where you want to go. I am also Irish (born and grew up in Wexford) but work has taken me all over the place and am currently in Chicago. Look forward to hearing your progress!


Welcome Harry, thats a story for sure. The community is very friendly so hopefully you can mark a new beginning with the guitar.


Hello Harry and welcome to the community. Music and your guitar playing journey will hopefully lift your spirits, whenever you feel the need. An instrument IMO is a true friend.


Welcome Harry.

It’s never too late to start.
I try not to worry about what could or should have been, but we’re all on our own path so not passing judgment.

Hope you find joy and peace in your practice.


Hey Harry, welcome to the community, really great to hear from you and a bit confronting to read your story, if only because it takes me back to some of the beatings I got as a child.

That sort of trauma has a long lasting effect / impact. For me, music helps me when those inevitable days of mood / depression hit me. I’ll say to my wife I can feel a bit of mood today and if I’m in a locale or time where I can grab the guitar I’ll sit down and play, nothing in particular, just songs from my repertoire (actually one song I do sing is Dave Rawlings Method Acting, the lines “Burdens are lifted from me That’s my voice rising” speak to me). Invariably within 15 or 20 minutes I do feel better.

Don’t be concerned you are starting at the age of 40, I didn’t start till I was in my 50s and now that I’ve been playing for well over 10 years I can attest to the magical properties and healing powers of music.

I look forward to hearing more from you.


Welcome Harry, so nice to have you here :hugs:.
Thanks for sharing your story. Yes, it is a sad one, but you can be so proud of you to have finally started your guitar journey - despite all the memories it brings back at the moment. You are following your dreams - that’s fantastic.
And with this community you’ve found a wonderful place for support and encouragement.
I wish you a wonderful guitar journey :smiley:.

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Hi Harry, welcome to the community. There’s plenty of good people here to encourage and motivate.

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Hello Harry. A very warm welcome to JustinGuitar and the community. You come with quite a back story, that must have taken strength. I hope you find the lessons and your guitar as fulfilling as you have long wished for.
We are more than simply keen guitar students following along with Justin’s lessons to play some music. We are, truly and fully, a community of friendly and encouraging folk from across the world. We are all engaged in our own ups and downs of guitar learning. You will find here kindred spirits and much to engage in.
If you want any help navigating the site and community, with difficulties you encounter as you learn or anything else just ask.


Hi Harry and welcome :smiley:

Statistically, you’ve got more than 40 years of learning left in you. That’s more than many of us late life starters have, and much more time than you need to become ‘reasonably good’
Try not to think in those terms though as there is no endpoint. Enjoy the learning process and playing. Hanging out in the Community is fun as well as informative.
Oh, like @Eddie_09 I’m a Paddy too, but in Merseyside. What part of Ireland are you from?
Cheers and good luck :smiley:


Hello Harry. It’s never too late to chase a dream. I am 67 years old and finally getting the time to learn guitar. Go for and enjoy!


Welcome aboard Harry. You got a 24 year jump on me. Congratulations for starting early! Best wishes to you and yours on your journey.


Welcome Harry. Knowing your motivation is incredibly powerful. As someone who works with people at the last stages of their life I can attest to the amazing healing and transformative powers of music. I see it time and time again. It really is magic


Hello Harry. I was deliberately not clicking on this bait but I’m glad now that I did. Aspects of our lives we have little control over can become debilitating. Understanding enables one to act - a powerful medicine.

I’ve been here a very short time and it is plain to see this is a very welcoming and understanding place because the creators and members make it so.

Find your music that has been waiting for you and I’m sure you will be well rewarded.

I wish you success, respect.


Welcome Harry

Just think how proud your Grandmother is going to be of you.
Enjoy this journey and the rest of your life, there’s an awful lot of love out there.