Hello from Huntington Beach, Ca

Hey everyone, Brian here. Old dog picking up the guitar - found Justin’s site about a year and a half ago. I am just getting around to power chords now. Just really enjoying the journey and taking my time. I hope to learn from you all and I will try to reach out. Cheers!


Welcome to the Forum Brian lots of old dogs here.
Can old dogs learn new tricks

Hey Brian, welcome to the community. I remember Huntington Beach fondly. It was the first place I ever experienced surf after growing up in the midwest. Plenty of old dogs around. Enjoy the guitar journey.

Welcome to Guitartown! Another So Cal guy here. If you keep an open mind you will learn a lot from folks around here. Hope to see you around.

Welcome, Brian, sounds like you are making great progress. Look forward to hearing you play.

Hello Brian and welcome. :slight_smile:

Glad to hear you are enjoying your journey.

Hello Brian. A very warm welcome to the community. This is a great mindset:


Hi Brian welcome to the dog pound !

Welcome Brian!

Looking forward to hear you play!!