Hello From Lou in Florida USA

Hello to all!
I started playing guitar at 15, stuck with it for a few years, and then college, life, and marriage happened. I continued to play but not progress much other than learning new songs every now and then. When I was 52, I decided I wanted to learn the bass and I fell in love with it like no other instrument. A month ago, I bought a Squier Strat for my nephew. When I got the Strat home, I noodled around with and loved the sound. So much so that I bought myself a Fender Player Strat. I’ve always been a big country fan, so here I am, adding to what I know and working towards being a country and blues guitar player. I am and will always be a bass player first but I love the guitar as well. As for old dogs learning new tricks? I’m 63 and starting over and like I said, I picked up the bass at 52. If I can do, YOU can do it! Rule #1 is always have fun, Rule #2 when in doubt, go back to rule #1.



Welcome to the forum Lou

Thanks Stitch!

Welcome Lou!

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Welcome aboard,

lots of great and friendly people here,

“Rule #1 is always have fun, Rule #2 when in doubt, go back to rule #1

That’s the spirit!

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Welcome to the community, Lou!

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Hi Lou,
Welcome here and I wish you a lot of fun :sunglasses:


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Cool roolz! :sunglasses:
Welcome aboard

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Welcome aboard, Lou!

Great to see another Country fan here. :smiley: Wish you loads of fun continuing your musical journey!

Cheers - Lisa

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Welcome to the forum Lou :smiling_face:
Yes, indeed, I like your rulebook :smiley: :sunflower:

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Hello Lou & Welcome!!!

As one Old Dog to another - YES, we can do it, we just have a lot more creaking & groaning from our old bones!!!
Love your Spirit & enthusiasm… keeping it fun is what it’s all about!

By the way, we have a “Kennel” here for all the Old Dogs -

Some fun & inspiring stories in one of the Community’s biggest threads.
Hop on over & say Hi!!!

Keep Chillin’…



Welcome to the Community Lou.

Welcome to another member from my side of the pond, Lou!

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I’m overwhelmed by the welcomes! Thanks gang!


Love it! Thanks! I’d rather be in the kennel than in the dog house!

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Welcome to the community. I’ve got a couple of brothers who live in Florida. Have visited there a few times and always enjoyed it.

Welcome Lou and keep strumming!

Welcome, Lou. My husband is learning base at the ripe age of 66.5. I’m learning guitar at 65, it’s great fun. Glad you joined us.

Hi Lou, welcome to the community forum. If you stick with your rules you will do well.