Hello from Luc. It is about time for me to come out of the woods

Hello everyone…at 64 years of age, I have been learning guitar from online sources for the past 3 years…Justin Guitar has been my main source of learning and I am grateful…it s been an interesting learning curve, and I have probably used too many Internet resources certainly more than necessary, which really doesn’t help…just causes confusion…Anyways I am back with Justin Guitar and will soon start the Intermediate modules…It is very difficult to know where you’re at…when you don t play with others, or in front of others, or even record yourself along your journey…never the less…everytime I pick up my guitar…I am a happy man…


That is what counts!


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That’s all that really matters. Welcome to the forum Luc

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Welcome back. Glad to have you with us.

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Hello Luc and welcome aboard. :slight_smile:

And that is also what keeps you coming back and picking it up.

Welcome Luc, please keep having fun, is what it’s all about! :+1:

Hey Lucas. I can SO relate to that. It’s nice to be this happy!!!

Hello Lucas and welcome to the community.
You have succumbed to the rabbit holes that internet algorithms present us when watching instructional videos.
It’s good you have now made a choice to follow one route and stick with it.
You can’t go wrong with Justin.


We have many active members who do share recordings for progress and feedback. It will be worth spending a little time checking it out and maybe jumping in yourself. 📣 Audio-Video of You Playing - JustinGuitar Community

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Hello Luc and welcome to the community :smiley:

Hi Luc,
Welcome ,and i wish you a lot of fun,

Hi Luc,

I have only joined this community a two weeks ago, and I am only 3 years older than you :wink:
So I now am able to welcome you as well, like all those that welcomed me before! It is a very friendly place here. Please share and participate, it benefits everybody here, as well as yourself.

Greetings Tjeerd

welcome Luc
Internet distractions are a real problem. I have found recently that working on songs that are a little outside my comfort zone and actually completing them really helps.

Hello! I just recently joined here as well. I’m looking forward to some new exploration here!

Hello Luc! Welcome to the community.

Welcome aboard, Luc, you happy man :smiley:

Did you bring us a song? :wink:

Hi Luc, welcome. Good you are starting to filter what resources work and which not (at least for this stage of your guitar learning). Keep having fun playing the guitar.

This is what really counts! I agree self-assessment is not an easy task, but it’s definetely worth spending some time to record yourself and try to understand what was good or not. Don’t hesitate to post here, as we are here to help eachother, give support and advice and enjoy to share our journeys, not to be sharp judgers :blush:
Oh…and welcome!

100% agree! :smiley::+1:
Welcome and great to have you on board! All the best! :metal:

I feel the same way when it come to playing ze guitar. :star_struck: Always gets me in a better mood! So true for me. Welcome on board!