Hello from Mark in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Hi I’m Mark. I’m very excited to start the Blues Immersion course. I started playing guitar over 50years ago. I played for 10 or12 years getting to the point where I played in a few garage bands, nothing professional, just for fun. Then life kind of got I the way and I stopped playing for many years.

I started to get back in to it as I got later into my career and have used Justin’s lessons to get my skills back into shape.

I recently retired so now I finally have the time I want to devote to music. I started a jam group thru the local SeniorCenter here and we’ve just played our second gig.

I’ve always loved the blues. Living between Chicago and Detroit I’ve had the opportunity to see many blues greats over the years. Really looking forward to learning to play some of that music.


Welcome to the forum Mark

Hello Mark! Glad to see you getting back into it. I’m looking to start a jam group in my town, what difficulties did you find doing yours?

Mike from The Ohio State University

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Welcome to the forum. Ann Arbor is a great place for music. I’m down in the Toledo area, but get up your way for concerts at the Ark fairly frequently.

Hi Mike, I would say the biggest issue was actually finding people. Tried to get something going a couple times by just posting in local Facebook groups. Got together to play with various people a few times but nothing really jelled.

I would highly recommend working with a city or county group of some kind, like an adult educational enrichment program. In our case the Senior Center has given us a lot of promotion like featuring us in their newsletter and getting us some newspaper coverage. We also get free practice space.

Another thing we are doing is offering an intro to guitar class every so often. We did this because we were getting quite a few folks who were interested but were complete beginners to guitar. We offered the class to teach them some basic chords, how to read tab, and how to strum. We plan on having a session every few weeks where we concentrate on really easy songs that these folks will be able to play.

Yeah Ann Arbor is great! Moved up here from Toledo area 20+ years ago and love it. I’m only a half hour or so away. If you want we could get together and play sometime during this course.

Thanks for all that information. Very useful nuggets in there!

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Hello Mark

Welcome. You seem to have a similar back story to me. It’s interesting that BLIM has attracted some more experienced players to this forum. I wonder if there could be a specific area where we could hang out on here.


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That’s freaking awesome, welcome to the community!

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Hi Mark ,
welcome here and I wish you a lot of fun :sunglasses:

And it is nice to read that you have started doing this and thus make your pension a great time :smiley: :sunglasses:


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Welcome aboard, Mark! :smiley:

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Hi Mark, welcome to the community forum. Enjoy the BLIM course.

Hello Mark & Welcome!

Good to have you here… I think you’ll find that there are a lot of people with vastly different backstories who have come together with guitar (also all things related to guitar & music) as their common interest!!! It’s really cool to have people with musical experience here to help us newbies along in our journey to guitar mastery!!!
Thanks in advance!!!

Tod from Albuquerque NM

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Welcome Mark and as a fellow Blimmer and long time member here good to see you posting on what I am now referring to Gen Pop in the BLIM arena. There is a BLIM specific “hello” page like this in the BLIM area, so say hello to the peeps in the suburbs via the link below.



Thanks I’ll copy this over there.

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Welcome to the community Mark!

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Hi Mark

Welcome to the community!! Looking forward to sharing and learning on the Immersion course.

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That would be fun if we can make the scheduling work. It sounds like we have a couple people in this general region in the BLIM class

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Hi Mark. welcome. Good that guitar playing and jamming are again part of your life. Have fun with the blues.

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Welcome to the community Mark! :slight_smile:

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