Hello from Matt in Hampshire, England

Hello all,

After about 40 years of playing on and off I decided that I really ought to devote more time to my guitar(s). Working through the grade system on Justin Guitar has been a great Step One and helped me iron out some (quite a few!) bad habits, given me lots more to think about and has added a bit of focus to my ‘guitarring’ rather than just noodling or learning songs by rote.

The problem is that I now spend time thinking about guitars (chords, scales, progressions) when I should be working or engaging with the family.

Step Two is going to be trying to overcome the crippling anxiety associated with performing - my wife has never even heard me play - but let’s get more comfortable with walking first eh?

Nice to meet you all,



Welcome Matt!!!
Talk the steps, and before you know it, you are jogging!!!
Have fun!!!

Hey Matt,

Welcome to the community. Performance anxiety is a real thing, and the more you perform in front of others the better you become at managing it. Take that first step. It will lead to that second step and onwards. You won’t regret it.

Welcome to the forum Matt

“ Step Two is going to be trying to overcome the crippling anxiety associated with performing - my wife has never even heard me play ”

Matt, welcome to the community forum.
Try recording yourself on your phone playing something simple and only for your eyes and ears.
At some point in the future you’ll record something you like and can share with your wife and perhaps friends (hint,hint)

Hi Matt,
Welcome and I wish you a long time of fun :sunglasses:
Greetings, Rogier

Hi Matt, nice to have you here! Have a lot of fun with your guitar playing.

Maybe she would love it? :wink:

Hi Matt, Welcome.
I know the issues with anxiety Its hard to explain to others but everything you have learned and can and does goes out the window so great goals I wish you success.


Hi Matt welcome. As Steve @SteveL_G99 said you can start by playing for yourself through a screen recordings of your playing (a cell phone can be good enough for that). That way you can assess how are you sounding, identify which aspects need improvement (don’t be too hard on yourself) and start getting accustomed to performing. The other steps will follow. On the first point is hard to give advice as every situation is different and achieving balance is a hard but still desirable target. I would just say do what is healthy (in a real and figured sense) and sustainable.

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Welcome Matt. I’m also down in the Democratic republic of Hampshire. Best of luck with the playing.

Nice to meet you Matt and welcome to the Community! I can totally relate to the bad habits to iro n out!

I also can relate to this but I overcame it, guitar practice actually taught me to be more focussed on the present moment, whether it’s an item of practice or a job/life commitment.

Thanks Steve and dobleA, I’ve been trying to overcome Repressed Englishman Syndrome for years. I’ve tried and failed with the steps you suggest before but will persevere. Next stop hypnotism.

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Matt, perhaps just recording the sound or audio of your playing only is a better first step for you, if you are nervous to record yourself on video. You can listen to how you sound when you record your playing, perhaps with the voice memo app on your phone. If you tell yourself that no one else will hear this then perhaps it will make you less nervous. I would recommend starting the recording at the beginning of your practice and leave it on the entire practice time and then you won’t be so aware of the recording. Good luck.

Welcome Matt hope you enjoy Justin’s lessons as much as I do.

Hello Matt and welcome to the community. Oh-oh. Guitar has taken over your brain and you are now under its control. Your poor family! :wink:
It’s good you have got out of randomness and gained focus in your learning.
Any questions just ask.

Hello and welcome to our community Matt. :slight_smile:

I was like that when I first played in front of my wife and now it’s just nothing. She even sings along.

Hiya Matt, welcome! I’m on the Surrey / Berkshire / Hampshire border so another local-ish dweller like Stephen! You’re in for a lot of fun as you re-embark on your playing road with Justin.

Sorry I don’t see the problem here? :wink:

Others have said it above, just record yourself on your phone just for you. You’ll be surprised at the difference to listening back versus when you’re playing (when you notice every little error, muted string, slight delay etc.). You’ll find it sounds waaaaay better than you think. I think we can all relate to the pressure and nerves of performing. One step at a time but if you’ve got that ambition in your head that’s a good thing and s real star to aim for.