Hello from Michael in Freiburg, Germany

Hi Brian, thanks for your quick answer. I guess so, too, I just have the technical problem that I don´t have access to this old account anymore. Hope one of the admins can help.
And sure, I am happy tell you a little bit about my musical journey. Since I am born in 1967, it began with punk rock covers in the 80s, metal in the 90s, and now I am playing in a band with some french guys for more than 10 years. Old school rock, blues, Rock and Roll french style ;-). Met Justin a few years ago during Frankfurt Musikmesse, was a very nice …how do you say this in English… Begegnung. Anyway, the musical journey never ends and I still have a lot of fun with my guitars, exploring different styles like Gypsy Jazz (very basic), country (big fan of alternative country), classic Rock and again Blues.
Best regards, Michael


How cool is that? Franco-Kraut-Rock! Now that I’d like to listen to :smiley:
If you have any YouTube clips/ recordings share a link.
See what I did there? First hook them, then gently reel them in… :rofl:
Alt country is currently my ‘thing’. Johnny Dowd and his band are playing my living room in 6 weeks :open_mouth:
Hoffentlich klappt alles (und du solltest definitiv mehr besuchen :wink:)

Have to check out Johnny Dowd. I really like Steve Earle, Uncle Tupelo, 16 Horsepower, The Handsome Family, Legendary Shack Shakers, Sierra Farrell, Supersuckers :wink:
Sorry, I don´t have any recordings that would be good enough, but check out the band Telephone, songs like “un autre monde” or “ca c´est vraiement toi” and you´ll get a rough idea. We also do french versions of some songs by Die Toten Hosen, a very famous German band. Check them out, they are fun. Songs like “Hier kommt Alex” oder “Schrei nach Liebe”. Live-Versions are always better.

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I’m only vaguely familiar with Telephone, but honest gritty rock ‘n’ roll from what I remember.
Gotta love the Hosen. They were a bit after my time in CH (’74-‘84) but whenever anyone called Alex joins the forum, I usually share ‘Hier kommt…’ :laughing:
It made me smile when I visited Berlin a couple of years ago there was a light-show projected onto the Bundestag and ‘An Tage wie Diese’ featured. Rebellion ends up as mainstream if you wait long enough :rofl: I gather Campino is a friend of Juergen Klopp who just announced his departure from our local football club last week.
You might enjoy one of my favourite ‘music’ films Searching for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus. It’s a road trip through the underbelly of the South with musician Jim White, featuring Johnny Dowd, The Handsome Family and David Eugene Edwards (16 Hp) amongst others.
Good to make your acquaintance.

Hi Michael from another German! Welcome to the community! Cool you met Justin a few years ago and also that you are playing in a band with some french guys. I had a lot of student exchanges to France and always liked the music there, which hardly ever swapped over to Germany. I remember Téléphone (completely forgotten!) but still have Indochine on my playlist, who started in the early eighties and are still performing. Their music brings back nice memories!
Hope you let us hear some of your music!

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Hi Michael sorry to hear about your payment issues, I am sure Justin’s Team will be able to resolve the matter.

I had to add another plus 1 for Telephone. I dropped on them above a decade ago not long after we moved to France. I was looking for rock bands who sung in their native language, to help my leaning French. Sadly most of the good ones (musically) sung mainly in English but I certainly listened to Telephone during that period. After that I found 700 Johnny Hallyday tracks instead !! :rofl:

Un autre monde and Ca, c´est vraiement toi are two of my favourite songs to play in the band. You have so much freedom to fool around on the fretboard. The solo from Ca…, was a little bit tricky at first because Telephone plays it with two guitars in a kind of question and answer style, but after a while it worked. There are many other french bands who are fun, too, like Noir Desir. Johnny Hallyday is not one of my favourites, but many french people like him a lot. Hey, maybe we should start a french rock topic -).

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Hi Helen, another German? Where from if I may ask? I am living in Freiburg, Black Forest. down South. It´s true, french music never was very popular in Germany, but for the French it´s kind of sactuary.

I live in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, so down in the south too :wink:.

Oh yes, I was very surprised about that, when I went there first. I didn’t know they have such a living music scene in their own language back then and still have, I reckon. Being neighbours to France, it’s a bit strange, that not so much music is jumping over the border.

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Na, wo is’n dr @franzek? :rofl:

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Der genießt grad de fränggischen Bratwörscht :joy:


:rofl: :rofl:

I’ll pass on the sausages today; there’s still an issue with my assimilation into the area. :joy:

Hi Michael @mickschindler, nice to meet you! As you may have thought, like Andrea, I also live in Bavaria, although a bit more to the north, in Nuremberg. A impressive performing musical background you have. Punk rock, in a band with french guys, that reminds me of Les Vieilles Salopes, they have style! It’s a shame that they are not active any more but I still listen to their music once in a while.
Great you found your way to the forum, albeit your payment issues brought you here which I hope can be sorted out quickly. Wishing you lots of fun here!


Welcome aboard, Michael from another German fellow (close to Frankfurt/Main). :smiley:

Hope you get the tech issue sorted. Else I wish you loads of fun on your guitar journey. :smiley:

But let me get one thing straight, dear Andrea:

Die einzigen genießbaren Bratwürste kommen eindeutig aus meiner Thüringer Heimat! :rofl: :crazy_face: :rofl:

Sorry for the OT, but I couldn’t resist. :joy:


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Welcome to the community from another Southwest German, hope you enjoy :wave:

Mir würden noch ein paar andere einfallen :sunglasses: Aber bevor jetzt gleich noch wer das Klischee der Bratwurst und Sauerkraut essenden und Lederhosen tragenden Deutschen auskramt… :sunglasses: :rofl:


Even in Finland, we eat Bratwurst. In Finnish a Bratwurst is called - can you guess? - … bratwursti :laughing:

Let’s also not forget Sauerkraut aka choucroute is also traditional Elsassian food. I wonder how many French rock songs have been written after too much of that stuff has been eaten… (Confessedly doomed attempt trying to lead the topic back to French Rock :nerd_face:)


Servus Michael, to make this thread a bit more international I send you a warm welcome to the community from Austria :grin:.
Very nice to have you here :hugs:.


@Richard_close2u @DavidP you might want to hive off the above and add it to the French Language song thread? :wink:


I felt a Fawlty Tower’s quip then backed away very quickly. :rofl:

Thanks for flagging, Brian. Done

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