Hello from Peterborough in UK

Hi all, I’m Greg and i live in Peterborough in the uk. I first started playing guitar some 40 odd years ago doing classical guutar at a local evening class eventually getting to grade 4 before family and other commitments put it all on the back burner. During lockdown i tried getting back into it but lacked a big of motivation. So i bought an electro acoustic and started following justins lessons. I am now on module 11 but am also following the blues course.
It would be good to find someone to practice with but this community is spread far and wide so live meet ups seem unlikely
Is anyone interested in trying online via something like farplay??


Hi Greg,

welcome here. You’ll find many that share a similar story, although not too many with the classical background. Yes lockdown was a bummer, although, the choir I belong to managed bi-weekly practice using zoom (one directional practice) and I got a lot of voice training. You will get ton’s of feedback when you post your progress here, especially if you do record yourself and post it here - which is a first step towards playing together. The second is to actually do an online live rendition of a song of yours.

Living in the UK, you probably would find it easier to locate someone here from your neck of the woods - so don’t give up on that thought.
The other way is to check out if there are some music clubs in your neighbourhood that organise open stages - and make some contacts. If you want to try online practice - I have no practical experience with it, but perhaps this community could do some experimenting with that. There are several technical means of doing that, but one does need super fast internet connections for that (e.g. a fixed ethernet connection, no wifi) . You mentioned farplay, I am unfamiliar with that, there is also something called Jamulus, which I read a bit about.

Welcome to community

Do play unplugged usually. I got electric acoustic. But I never plug in.

Hi and welcome Greg. I’m relatively new here also, but definitely the place to come. The guys here are so knowledgeable and easily will impart their assistance to you.
Have a great experience here!:+1:

Hey Greg, welcome to the community, nice to meet you. We are fortunate where I live in that there is a vibrant and active acoustic music scene. There may be acoustic clubs or jams in your area, social media is one place to check, also I’ve met many now good music friends from attending open mics at pubs and similar.

Hi Greg,
Welcome here and i wish you a lot of fun :sunglasses:

Welcome to the Community Greg…I wish you can find a Jam Buddy where you live as it seems to me such a big deal to enhance learning!

Hi. Iain, up in Scotland. Hobby player for many years. Blues mostly. Up for collaboration. Is latency not an issue online? Could try I guess.

Have a look at you tube clip and let me know. Looks ok, but do need pc / mac

Looks interesting. I know Skype and Zoom have too much latency to jam. Is this free software? Mind you, we could collaborate on ideas etc without playing together. What do you think?

Meant to say…I have a PC.

Hi Greg, welcome. Hopefully you can find that Jam budddy. Anything learnt in the past should help you one way or another with you current learning.

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Welcome to the forum Greg!!!

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Hello Greg and welcome to the community.
It’s not quite what you were asking about but have you checked out our regular Open Mic events? Community Open Mics – How They Work, Access & Eligibility

Hi thanks for your reply. My only concern is that you are way better. Everything i am learning is different to what I learned in tge past. It would be good to try the app and see if it works so what times are convenient for you,we can give it a try??

It is free i think for sessions up to 45 mins.
What did you have in mind re collaboration?
Am up for anything that helps

Hi. Good to be in touch. I’m a learner. Even after a lot of years trying. We all are. Collaboration is a good thing in itself. I’m up for giving it a try. I’m on Skye this weekend, but home tomorrow. Tuesday toThursday looks good, then after the following TuesdayI’m pretty free. Do I need to download the app presumably? Tell me what I need to do and we can try this. Cheers. Iain.

Maybe compare notes on what we know and where we want to go. Everyone knows something I don’t know! Cross-fertilisation. And just contact with another musician is fruitful?

Hello Greg and welcome to our community. :slight_smile:

Grade 4! Nice. Are you finding it a big difference between steel and nylon playing?

Hi i have had another look at the requirements. Yes download the app no need to register. Need a wired internet connection and a microphone and wired headphones. I connected guitar with rocksmith usb csble which worked ok
When i click on new session it gives a code for the session. You will need to click on join session snd enter the code
Will need s better way to contact so we can iron out any issues
Fingers crossed