Hello from Rinka in Tokyo

Hello everyone! This is rinka(27 yo as of today but soon turning 28).
I’m a computer engineer based in Tokyo.

I started guitar a year ago during raining season here and it turned out to be my favorite thing ever!
I like blues, jazz and rock music that doesn’t curse(xD).
Dire straits is my all time favorite band.
I like practicing finger-style stuff, but since i sing i also strum a lot.

Justin is just this awesome human being I figure this community would be cool too.

I’m also learning French and doing my best to improve my computer science related skills, so welcome to discuss with me!


Hi Rinka!

Happy that you enjoying the courses and found JG community. You will find that folks here are very friendly and helpful. Glad to talk about computer science (UX/UI) and fingerstyle.

Welcome :slight_smile:


Hi Radek!

Thanks for the kind reply, it is indeed a welcoming community!

Finger-style is difficult for a newbie like me, it would be great to hear everyone’s input.
I mostly do back-end stuff with node or django depending on the chosen language, my ‘UI’ usually is practical(a nice way to say lacking of aesthetics haha!).

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Welcome Rinka,

I spent 6 months in Tokyo a few years ago. I really enjoyed it.

It’s great to see you here and I look forward to reading about your guitar journey.




Hi Rinka,
Welcome here and i wish you a lot of fun, :sunglasses:

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Hi Keith,

Thanks for the nice reply!

I believe a supporting community will be a great plus on my guitar journey :blush:



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Hi Roger,

:tangerine: greetings to you!

I hope i will have lots fun!


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Welcome, Rinka :clap: you’ll find a great bunch of supportive and helpful people here, have fun :v:

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Hello Chazzo, I’m looking forward to it :wink:

Hello Rink and welcome!

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Hi Rinka
Welcome to the Community. It really is a cool place with some awesome supportive people :slight_smile:
I like fingerstyle stuff too and love Dire Straits, but definitely would not be able to discuss computer science in any meaningful way :smiley:

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Hi Edward, nice to meet you!

Hello Jasmine,
Thanks for the heartwarming welcome :blush:
Let’s play a lot of fingerstyle and ds stuff!
I’m pretty sure if we can get Justin to start a JustinComputer course everybody will be easily learning to code too, haha!

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Hello Rinka, and a warm welcome to the community :hugs:.

The Dire Straits were one of the reasons I started my guitar journey. Their songs are fantastic :star_struck:.

I’m also a fan of fingerstyle. It’s not easy, but the way it sounds is so worth the effort :blush:.

I wish you lots of fun with your six-string-friend and look forward to hearing more from you :smiley:.


Hiya, welcome to the group , :wave:


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Hi Nicole,

Thanks for the warm welcome :blush:
Wouldn’t it be awesome if we can one day be able to play with a Mark vibe!
Looking forward to share my journey and hear from everyone! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hi Rinka, welcome. I’m fine with listening songs with certain subjects and language use, but like you they’re not my first choice for playing and singing. With Justin you’ll get the basics and beyond to play several genres including the ones you mentioned above. Have fun playing the guitar.


Welcome to the forum Rinka

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Hello :wave:

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Welcome Rinka.

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