Hello from the Sunny Coast Australia

I am over 60 and having a ball learning from Justin Guitar.

My ‘experience’.

Hmmm six years ago I started learning Ukulele. I didn’t know any of the songs and even thought Creedence Clearwater Revival was a single soulful lady! Who knew?

I progressed though my husband, Allan’s tutelage. Thanks mate.

I ‘knew’ I couldn’t progress further so we went to Choir. Let us say we have a patient choir master. He was the founder of the 10 Tenors. But patient patient man.

In Dec 2022 I found apps. “I’m going to learn the piano”. And I am !

Hmmm if that is possible “Guitar” ? And yes here I am with Allans Martin Travel Guitar (a perfect size) and in the evenings I play on the electric Les Paul (Poor neighbours lol). I find that one hard.

Apart from the usual hiccups I am having a ball. I wish the riffs could be written down so I could study them

Progress: 8 weeks in I took my guitar to the music group. They were stunned, and surprised I could manage so much. Obviously a long way to go but 11 chords in I am over the moon.

Thank you Justin and the team.


Welcome Sharon, from a fellow Aussie.
Sounds like you’re off to a great start!

Justin’s a tremendous teacher, and this community is full of terrific people, all helpin each other out.
Reach out anytime you need help, and join in the fun.
Looking forward to your progress

All the best,
Cheers, Shane

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Welcome to the forums. A few of us Aussies around, I’m not too far from you actually.

Enjoy the journey, it’s a good community here and Justin is a great teacher.

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Hi Sharon and welcome from another Aussie. You’ll find all the help and motivation you need right here on the community , they’re a great bunch of people.

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Hey Sharon

Welcome to the community.

Like you, I’m in my 60s, retired and having a ball playing guitar and finding lots of fun thanks to Justin guitar. Been based on the Gold Coast for a number of years and heavily involved with the Coast Acoustics music club. A good friend of mine from Coast Acoustics has moved to the Sunny coast and started a regular jam session there under the name of SUNSHINE COAST ACOUSTIC MUSIC (on facebook).

11 chords is a great start. Look forward to hearing more from you.

Welcome to the Community, Sharon.

Does sound like you are having a ball and making progress. Uke, piano, guitar and singing, that’s quite something.

Had to google Sunshine Coast, looks beautiful.

Have fun as you keep on keeping on.

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Thank you for the warm welcome very much appreciated

Tony thank you for the tip have looked up FB. im so beginner it aint funny but id live to go and it would be brilliant for my husband

Haha, look at all the Aussies coming out of the bush :rofl:

Just joking, Sharon, and a hearty welcome.
You live in one of the most stunning places I’ve been to. My wife (well, girlfriend back then) and I lived in Maroochydore (Bradman Ave, opp. Chambers Island) for a year in '93 whilst working in Nambour hospital. Fantastic outdoor lifestyle :smiley:
A lifetime later, I’m sitting on rainy Merseyside trying to learn guitar, a bit aghast to learn from a ‘newbie’ that there are eleven(!) chords… sigh :roll_eyes:
Give us an introductory song over in AVOYP when you’re ready

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Haha…we are near Chambers Island. The coast may have got a bit busier since you were here. LOL
11 chords yes.
Perfection…a long long long way off.
I am still trying to learn to sing in tune, tap my foot in time and all of that.
I just had a two hour stint with our music group. Where I couldn’t play the notes I strummed. My ever helpful darling husband suggested oh so sweetly “Maybe less chords and perfection” Hmmm he is probably right.


G’day Sharon and welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

Plenty to learn from here and loads to keep you entertained.

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Welcome Sharon:

I live on the other side of the world in the USA. It is great to hear that you are giving it a go at learning guitar. Sometimes baby steps is the best way to go. We all have a lot to learn and want to succeed more than anything. You will get there. Welcome to the group. Everyone here is very supportive!

Jeff from San Diego California

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Welcome Sharon!!!
Keep on rockin :metal:
Looking forward to see you play a song on the Martin or the Les Paul!!

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thanks guys

best fun out eh what?

Hello Sharon, a very warm welcome to the community. It sounds like music is going to figure large in your life and you’re enjoying it a whole heap. :slight_smile:

Can I be the one to throw in a cautionary note? I must, I feel obliged.

11 chords under your fingers is impressive - no doubt helped by already playing other instruments. My mantra is learn songs, learn songs, learn songs. It only takes two chords to play a song. Here are 10 using just A and D chords.

Using the filters on this page: https://www.justinguitar.com/songs

Here are 3 with just A and E chords.

There are 44 with A, D and E chords only.

Justin reaches a point in the beginner course where he uses the phrase the 8 essential chords. With 8 chords you have thousands of songs to choose from. It’s all about songs and music. Are yo learning songs, not just chord shapes?


That is excellent advice indeed.

Allan and I were talking after music group on Wednesday. I felt I needed to really nail the chords i have. Really nail them. I was thinking of going back to the beginning lessons in the app to make sure I was right.

Allan and I have just spent the last three hours playing a couple of songs, and I did some TABs as well.

So I really really really appreciate your guidance and will indeed work on the ones you suggest.

Thank you for taking time to reach out .


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Thanks for taking my comments in the positive and encouraging spirit I intended them Sharon. :slight_smile:

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Hi Sharon and I guess and “official welcome” after your app sync enquiry. And if you recall

There is a mantra round these parts that goes “Learn Songs Learn Songs Learn Songs Learn Songs”.

Well guess you now know the source of that gem. Good advice from Mr C. With 11 chords under your fingers the song world is your oyster. But take your time and learn songs from each of the Grade modules to ensure you have their application down and hey maybe share some recordings when you are ready ?


All problems anytime just holler.



Hi Toby

Thank you

Ive been playing a gazillion songs from the Ukulele club books we have here and Ozbcoz.

We play two hours on a wednesday at a little music group. i used to play the uke there, but take the guitar now so i dont muddle the chords up. ie uke g is guitar d etc etc

we jam at home too. I know why it is called jam now… i sometimes get stuck. ie in a jam lol Oh oh i need to know how to do g7 or d7 or a something or other and so that is how i ended up adding more chords.

What i should have been doing is sticking to the Justin songs .

Allan my husband is most supportive and we both agree with the excellent advice. I sort of came to the conclusion at the end of wed.

i will post something up i promise. Working on an aussie folk song at the moment.

thank you all i so appreciate everyone s welcome and comments

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Welcome Sharon. Keep on having fun, the music group should help a lot .

I’ve played two of the songs on this list so far. Easy songs are a real confidence builder. Thanks for sharing.

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