Hello, I need to learn electric guitar,but lack motivation, almost 35 yo

When i was 15,i saved some money and bought a cheap replica fender stratocaster and got and small amp from a friend,but never finally got into learning and playing.Now i’m 35,guitar is sitting alone and i lack motivation cause i believe will be for me so difficult to learn,theory and the basics,i feel i cannot do it through youtube videos or video lessons,i need a teacher but i don’t had so far free time from my job.:roll_eyes:

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Depends on your goals, if you want to be next [insert your idol here], then that’s one thing. If you want to learn how to play songs that don’t require much technique, then that’s another thing and can be achieved. You will not know, if you don’t try.

For reference, I had an acoustic guitar since I was 18 and only decided to learn how to play it when I turned 29 or so (that was a couple of years ago). Am I good at it? Heck no, but can I play songs with it that some random gonna say: “oh, you’re playing that [insert song]”? Yes.

Well,i’m not so sure if i can have a stable program and free proper time to follow a teaching plan,for ex,i can sometime save some money and start lessons with teacher,2 per week,there is lack of confidence if i will find it difficult may easy retire the guitar and dissapoint.

I just follow JustinGuitar learning modules here. They are easy to understand, at least for me. Never went to an in-person teacher. At first, I just practised for about 10-15 min. per day (surely, you can find such miniscule time window). Now, it’s about 30 min. - 1 hour per day.

I don’t think in my case it’s so easy,i will not know where i m doing mistakes if someone will not show me,i’m complete noob at guitar,i don’t know even basic stuff.

Welcome to the Community, Giannis.

You are in the right place to learn. Start with lesson 1, module 1, grade 1 on Justin’s website and in time I am as certain as I can be of anything that in time you can learn to play guitar.

If you spend 15-30 minutes a day, maybe 4-5 times a week, and follow the lessons and practice routines patiently and diligently, you will be able to complete grades 1-3.

How long it may take cannot be predicated. We all learn differently. There will be things you find challenging and then your desire and levels of motivation will determine if you persist or give up.

Learning to play is not easy, not something that some gifted people pick up today and are masterful almost immediately. Of course there is the one in a million savant but most of the people you may call out as guitar heroes all spent hours and hours and hours learning and practicing.

So the teacher is here, if you want to learn start with that first lesson, persist and you will learn.

And the Community is here with many many people who were where you are. Go and read the Learning Logs in #community-hub:learning-logs and they will confirm what I am saying.

All I can say the time I spend is not work, it is joy, and the results regardless of my absolute level ever so fulfilling.

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So true. I would say start and follow the course, as you find you can do things accent things that interest you.

Most of all, just plain don’t worry. There is no race, no one is judging you, everyone here is supportive and just really, honestly want you to enjoy and learn and do what is fun for you.

Do it because you want to!

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Hellod David,yeah,i can spent 15-30 minues a day,at least 4 days per week,my guitar is in a good condition and recently serviced even if it’s 15 yo old. :sweat_smile:,but it think can do the job for a basic stuff such as blues rock at first and a basic amplifier.

I want to gain confidence,there are plenty of books,of youtube channels that teach electric guitar,my choice was to start from here as your examples are simple and more easy to understand,comparing to other dudes out there.

For me always was a desire to learn electric guitar,that’s why when i was a kid i did a choice,but then dissapointed from the expensive cost of training and lessons…then came lack of free time due to studies and then didn’t made the move never,of course i have regret it from then. :neutral_face:

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At 35 you are still a youngster. I did not start until I was 40 but then spent 17 years bouncing around rubbish tutorials, books videos and DVD as it was pre internet teaching but poor tab was available. I knew some chords but my technique was rubbish. But I decided when I took early retirement at 55 I’d start again and learn properly but we moved from the UK to France so 1 2 1 lessons would have been hard, as I was learning the language as well. Around the time we found our house I found Justin’s website and his old Beginner Course and started practicing everyday early 2013 and have no regrets what so ever and can now call my self a guitarist (others may not :rofl: ). So your in the right place.

Why ? Structure, structure and more structure from probably the worlds best online teacher, especially for beginners. What you need is a clear pathway that builds a foundation of skills, methodically and in a practical way you can apply immediately ie learn songs, learns songs, learn songs to paraphrase one of Justin’s recommended teachers.
And that what you will get here and the support of hundreds of folk who have already trodden the path you are about to step on, so you’ll learn from our mistakes.

Can’t say more than that really, apart from welcome !




Hi Giannis,

Welcome to the community.

Before I started Justin Guitar, I bounced around on various other youtube channels etc. However, I only found structure in Justin’s lessons which helped me a lot.

The benefit with this website is that it is all self paced. You can do it whenever you get the chance. For me, that is every evening. Instead of wasting my time in an unproductive way, watching tv for example, I just grab my guitar and practise. I don’t know your day-to-day but I’m confident you could restructure it slightly.

I lacked (and perhaps still do) confidence until I learnt my first song. You just need to persevere.
As for being a “noob” as you said, I suppose we all are when we start out. Just use your ears, they will certainly tell you if something is not right.

Something that also helps is mind-muscle (and in this case fingers) connection. So, my recommendation would be, when you practise be mindful and focused, not absent-minded and thinking about politics, sports, money or whatever.

Your guitar looks amazing. If it was me, it would make me want to grab it and play. Oh, by the way, take it out of the case. Get a stand and make the guitar more accessible.

Everyone here will be happy to help. Just let us know!


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If you need to but have no motivation why do you need to learn?

Guitar takes time and effort, if you dont want to pick one up you wont ever learn


As others have said, Justin’s lessons are great. Follow them and you will be able to play, and you can go at your speed. My advice rather than rushing to achieve it as fast as possible. Take it slow and steady and make sure you have taken in the lessons. You have the rest of your life, so start the journey now and enjoy it. If the lesson style fits with you, don’t go searching for others, stick with it and the progress will happen. I am having so much fun, I wish I had started years ago.

There’s a saying that goes - you can teach someone skills, but you can’t teach motivation. Motivation comes from within.

Loads of good advice here on how to learn. If you want to, do.

But if you don’t want to, which it sounds like, don’t. Sell the guitar or use it as wall art instead. Don’t guilt trip yourself over not playing when you don’t want to.


The advice above - start with the justinguitar website, lesson 1, is the right way.
I’m brand new to guitar and am doing exactly that but have some background I can share. I learned woodwind instruments (recorder and flute) years and years ago so I can still remember weeks and weeks of just trying to get a note out of the flute when I wanted one.

If you keep practising something physical your body can learn it. I haven’t played woodwind properly for ages but can still pick up a recorder and overblow that second octave without really thinking about it. I’m sure guitar chords can be the same, it’ll just take time and practice.

The other thing I’d say is that we need to enjoy the journey, not worry about the destination. None of us learning here are likely to be making our livings from music any time soon! I enjoy playing along badly with the backing tracks on the app, even when I can’t hit every chord.


Giannis, initially speaking when one is laying the basic foundation learning chords and strumming there’s really no difference in playing an electric or an acoustic, other than the action is usually lower and the string gauge lighter so it is easier on the finger-tips. Play the guitar amplified with a clean tone, with any added effects. Later in grade 2 you will learn techniques that begin to unlock more of the joys of playing an electric with some more grit and growl in the tone. Just take it slow and steady and you’ll make your dreams real.

I’ll be happy to take it off his hands :rofl:

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TBH I find your posts a little bit strange. If you don’t want to learn the guitar (no motivation) then don’t start learning it?!? Don’t really understand what you hope to hear from us, here at a guitar enthusiast forum… :wink:

if you DO start learning from Justin, then you are of course welcome…


Hey Giannis, welcome to the community! I particularly noticed this comment from your second post.

And this is the joy in Justin’s course, you go at whatever pace works for you, no-ones marking you or grading you, it’s just about having fun with a guitar in your hands and doing what makes you smile. You don’t have to invest more than 25 minutes into a practice session but I bet you’ll find yourself spending more and more time when you can find it.

Either way, don’t put any pressure on yourself, that’s the worst thing you could probably do. Play, hopefully enjoy and share your experiences, we’re all different. Good luck :+1:

I’ll give it a try,for sure,i don’t want to see this guitar just sitting in a bag closed.


Don’t do it for the guitar. It doesn’t care. Do it for you!