Hello, I'm Daryl from China

Hi everyone,

I’m Daryl from Shanghai, China.

I have been following Justinguitar.com for about 3 years. Thank Justin for helping me learning guitar and music!

I started learning guitar since freshmen year at college and I’m 27 years now. I feel bad that I am actually not a consist learner, since my guitar always have dust on it. I might spend some decent time on certain songs, but I now barely remember how to play them. I just found this Community webpage, and I think it is the time for me to grab my guitar again and keep practicing.

I prefer electric guitar than acoustic (recently), and love rock music.

I would love to share that my dream life is be a singer at a bar after everyday’s work. I doubt whether it would become true as I get older and life is harder everyday; but I would try for it.


Hello Daryl, and a warm Welcome to the community. Nice to meet you :hugs:.
Time to dedust your guitar and continue rocking :guitar:.
With 27 you’re definitely not too old to make your dreams come true.
I wish you lots of fun along your guitar journey :smiley:.


Hello again Daryl ! That sounds like a very good idea. As for playing at a bar after work, well you have taken a step in the right direction by joining the Open Mic audience. May be in the future you will ready to step onto that virtual stage. In the mean time check out the AOVYP section where folk share their recordings and development.

Good to have you on board, enjoy the ride.




Hi Daryl,
Welcome here and i wish you a lot of fun :sunglasses:

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Welcome to the forum Daryl

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Hey Daryl, welcome to the community. i worked with many fine Chinese men and women in my career, great to hear from you.

When I started playing guitar I didn’t think I’d even be able to sing and play as many had told me that’s a lot harder than playing. When I learned my first song I’d play it and my wife would sing it.

After she had sung it maybe 50 or more times, quite by accident I started singing along and was amazed at how much easier it was than I expected. Now i sing heaps, have performed nearly 100 open mics, on stage at pubs, cafes and festivals and even got a coffee shop gig (and got asked back) with a friend of mine.

So keep your dream alive as you have plenty of time to achieve it. I started playing 10 years ago at the age of 53. Look forward to hearing more from you.

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I feel so energetic after reading your comment. Thank a lot! :fist:


You’re a young man. There’s no reason you can’t achieve your dreams on the guitar. Just keep driving on!

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Hi Daryl and welcome to the Community. 27yo…no you definetely shouldn’t worry about getting old! Dare to dream and work to make your dreams come true…and remember to enjoy every single moment with your guitar!!

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Welcome. There is a ton of encouragement here and testimonials of people in the same place as you! Keep picking that guitar up. Don’t let it get dusty!

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Hello Daryl and welcome to our community. :slight_smile:

Remember just 5 minutes every day helps and don’t give up on your dreams.

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Hello Daryl, a warm welcome to the community.
You have some wonderful dreams and following Justin’s courses will help you reach to them. Being involved in the community can reinforce that in many ways too if you are willing to share recordings in AVOYP and seek feedback and constructive guidance. Check @LievenDV 's topics on talent Tip: My view on the concept "talent" and goals Tip: Plateaus and lack of SMART goals
Cheers :smiley:
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