Hello introducing no centz

My name is Calvin. Been playing guitar on and off for 15 or so years. Only recently over the past 5 have gone into the theory work and have writing and making more music then ever because of it.

I have come here to try and continue to expand my knowledge and share it with a great community. My experiences come from watching Rick Beato on YouTube and I learned a lot from Syn Gates website. I’m having issues finding more musicians to share my ideas with. I’ve heard good things about JustinGuitar.

My name is essentially no centz. It was created from a spinoff of my world of warcraft character sensible. Sensible became centsible and that was going to be my name but a food.company snatched it up literally saw it in the grocery store. So I modified it from being full of sense to none. Then the word play comes from Canada not having a penny anymore. No centz.

I have some recordings on spotify. Under the name No centz. I have some newer stuff coming soon. I’m currently trying to create the album cover but have no ideas. If anyone would care to help please feel free - I’m just no artist. Feel free to criticize my work. I don’t get enough of that anymore. You can really tell how my music got better with my theory knowledge. It was a great choice of mine and hopefully people you wont wait 10 years like I did. Still too many bad habits.

Anywho quick run down of who I am. Influences are Syn Gates, Jerry Cantrell and Mick Mars for the most part. I’m always looking for people to collab with.


Hi Calvin, the no centz moniker makes a lot of sense, it works on all levels. I am bookmarking this to remind myself to get over to Spotify and check out your stuff later.

Make yourself at home here, sounds like you may be able to offer some good experienced based advice to a lot of folks here. Hang around and get to know folks, I would be surprised if you don’t find someone to collaborate with here.

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Welcome Calvin. You’ll find plenty to keep you learning and growing in Justin’s courses. You have a great deal of experience and knowledge to share with others in the community who are less experienced. That’s the substance of this community, give as well as take and always encourage.


From what I’ve been told I agree. I also have a lot to learn myself but I’m at a point where I’m experimenting a lot of different sounds and ideas. I’m finally learning what the true names are of everything I used to play that wasnt really to a scale at all when originally written.

I had plans to showcase a mini documentary on some acoustic versions of songs I wrote but my new acoustic has had a massive set back with the truss rod. I’m not sure its fixable so that sucks. But thatd the risk you take buying used. Just sucks I got it on boxing day.

Theres a lot of material of different variety. If you need help.finding songs you may enjoy over others let me know and I’ll point you to the right material. I’ve gone through phases writing and each set is it’s own unique sound I find.

Welcome to the Community, Calvin.

@batwoman summed it up perfectly. To add to that there are some members here who are what I consider to have advanced levels of knowledge, skill, and experience in guitar playing and music production.

I’d love to listen to your music but am not a Spotify user.

Wish you well.

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Thankfully with distrokid you can find the songs all over the place. I just dont have those links for you cause I dont use them. I can always find other ways for everyone to listen too.

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Hello Calvin.
We’re an open, friendly and welcoming community. Our whole purpose and rationale is to supplement, support and give a space for students of JustinGuitar tuition to enhance their learning, share their progress and mutually support and encourage one another. Plus, there are those of us who have the privilege of being in a position to answer lesson specific questions and more.

We operate under some core values and according to the ethos set by Justin with his pay-it-forward approach.

You openly admit that you have no history of having yet learned guitar from JustinGuitar but are keen to do so and that you’d like to learn more and share the knowledge you do have. Well, yeah, that is what we’re all about.

Cheers :blush:
| Richard_close2u | JustinGuitar Official Guide & Moderator

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Hey Calvin …

It seems to me like you’re looking for a meeting place for musicians or a general music / guitar forum.
Whoever pointed you this way should have mentioned that this community primarily exists for people who are teaching themselves to play guitar using Justin’s courses. It isn’t too clear from your introduction if you’re currently learning from JustinGuitar or have done so in the past. If that is the case then it goes without saying that you’re more than welcome here.


I am coming here to expand and share my knowledge. No I have not had a chance yet to look at individual lessons yet because I had a massive set back with a new acoustic truss rod i just got and that’s been my situation.

I was told the community is strong and helps each other.

Hi Nocentz and welcome! Your story looks interesting, keen to see once you start with Justin’s lessons how are you finding those. I would say one thing - no problem with discussing and sharing your music as long as you use your experience and expertise and interact with other people’s posts and recordings. :slight_smile: all the best.

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Hi Calvin,

I’d suggest having a good look around reading others’ posts and replies, shares etc., maybe offer some encouraging comments to them and see how you go.
… make rock! :sunglasses:



A bit of explanation on my issue. Bought the acoustic boxing day weekend. The cold weather hit it a week after and I realized the set up went down. I had to adjust the truss rod. It was impossible to move. I pushed a bit and it snapped. The action returned to the origional position I started with.

I took a walk today and spoke with the store agent. He told me it was a rental and he seemed surprised. They want me to.bring it.in and see what happened. I’ve been a long lasting customer so hopefully they work with me. But its put me down as I had plans to do acoustic stuff. And I was going to share.the progress here to kind of give an idea of what I am and my styles and thought itd be a neat way to introduce myself. Obviously these plans have changed and judging by the impression here I’m not so sure it’s even worth sharing anymore.

I’m sure I’ve done some lessons. I’m looking for outside ideas that are modified from the major scale these days. I’ve gotten confident with major scale chord progressions. My two lost used is bflat major (but as gminor most of the time) and of course c major. I’m sure the videos will give me new ideas. I’ll try to watch as many as possible including ones I already know. Sometimes the video will have a gem in it that even the oldest guitarist could get and be amazed by what was said. I love to hear origional material so I’ll.probably spend most of.my time hearing others origional material. Covers are fun but after a while you wanna hear something fresh.

I have a lot to say to I’m looking forward to seeing what others have to give.


I think you are on a good path here then, stick around and hopefully we will see each other around! :slight_smile:

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Hi @Nocentz and welcome to the forum.

I was raising an eyebrow when I was reading all this but I think I see where you’re at right now.
Looks like you could use

  • a good old nudge in the right direction
  • some positive empowerment
  • some advice to absorb while you plot your path; your next steps in to music

Try to take a few steps back in your journey and try to pick a good place to start in Justin’s material.
it’s better to go back a little further than you think you are, just to recap some stuff you already know but to check whether you haven’t picked up any bad habits. Bad habits are hard to “unlearn” so it is best to make you you don’t amplify them when building further learning on what you already know.

Let go of any assumptions you have about guitar, music, us, everybody…and grant yourself a fresh start.
It looks like you have some frustration to eliminate first. The comments and advice that were given already were actually valid. You have/had certain expectations for your work and music but you aren’t exactly where you imaged yourself you would be right now. Skills wise, success wise, knowledge wise (like the truss rod thing).

Don’t let that bring you down and grant yourself some time and patience to find the base of your skills and momentum and built from there. I think you need to do some cutting; cut some baggage where you can.

We gladly help you along the way.

I’m curious on what you will learn and apply along the way,
How you include it in your music when you share it here.


Hello Calvin and welcome. :slight_smile:

Well the truss rod was kind of an isolated incident and some bad luck. All my other guitars never had the issue this one does. But i agree with everything you’re saying.

I haven’t been playing as much as I should be so ill definitely be going back and revisiting areas. And sitting down and learning my improv solos.


Hey there everyone! I’d like to say something on here:

First of all, I love seeing you here, Calvin. And I’m so glad that you got a warm welcome and some great responses and support! But I’d like for everyone to know, that I’m the one who told Calvin about JustinGuitar. I had talked to him about the school side of it a few months ago and told him “I’m telling you, this site is the BEST to learn.” He had intentions of joining, but Calvin has had a lot of rough patches with the last school that we were BOTH a part of.

@Nocentz welcome, Calvin! I hope you like it here my friend. So good to see you joining! You’ll be alright :slight_smile:


Hi Calvin and welcome

You bring some experience with you, so looking forward to you sharing that and you reaping the benefits of Justin’s teaching methods and material. A lot has been said prior to my welcome and I echo some of the sentiments but have nothing extra to add, Like Jak has done, embrace the spirit of the Community and immerse yourself here, for the benefit of all.



Thank you. I’ve started looking over lessons and feel tomorrow I’ll be able to apply some. Gonna do the billy Madison and start from scratch even though I know the material. Be good way to force myself.to play more again. I’ve slacked these past few months.

Update.on the guitar. It’s apparently ready for pick.up.altho I’m dreading finding otnid it was covered or not.