Hello, Olá, Bonjour, Hola! :)

Hey, everyone!

My name’s Laryne, and I’ve been Justin’s assistant for over a year! It’s awesome to be closely involved with everything going on in the backstages of JustinGuitar, and I’d love to get to know our Community better too!

So I decided to take the opportunity to introduce myself here. :slight_smile: I’ve got the chance to meet some of you, but excited to get more involved in our new Forum!

I met JustinGuitar through the first wave of Covid-19 and followed Grade 1 on a cheap classical guitar I bought at Amazon.

Justin became my best friend back then - those lessons were so important to me at that point! So yeah - I do get when students reach out to say that JustinGuitar saved their lockdown. :slight_smile:

I spent months in a row learning and digging everything related to JustinGuitar - great vibes only, eh? So I just thought that emailing Justin for a job until I got one would be a cool thing to do, so here we are. :slight_smile:

I’m the worst musician you’ll ever meet and don’t intend to perform or anything, but I love playing and badly singing my fav songs anyway! And I have no problems showing my lack of talent to the world, so I might join an Open Mic one day. :smiley:

I’m Brazilian (from Bahia) but currently live in Quebec, Canada. Will I find more Brazilians here?

Yeah! That’s about it. :slight_smile:
See y’all around. Cheers!


Laryne Hi and good to meet you.

Are you allowed to call us the Forum again after the relaunch :rofl:
Well whatever its called good to have you here and for one of Justin’s team to step out of the limelight. Also good to know that you are learning to play, so can share our pain in equal abundance.

As to future Open Mics you will be more than welcome.

Welcome to the madhouse.



Hola Laryne,

Welcome to the community. It’s good to see something positive to come out of the current situation. Music makes the world go round.

We are our own worst critics; we all think we are the worst musicians. Looking forward to hearing you play, whether it’s an AVOYP or OM.

G’day Laryne, the Australians here are super proud of how far Justin has taken his amazing lessons. And proud of you for being on the team. Look forward to your posts.

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Hi @laryne.

Welcome to the forum. I’m sure you’re not as bad as you say :blush:. Hope you share with us some performance some day



Welcome, I just got here myself. A wonderful group of people to hang out with.

Tell Justin I said Hello!

Hey @laryne good to have you join us, hope you’re enjoying learning to play! If you have any questions on anything just ask, there are plenty of us who will be willing to help.
See you soon :+1:

Hi @laryne
I’m delighted to see you step out of the shadows and into the main spotlight. There is a wonderful and warm glow out here in the open.
Richard :slight_smile:

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Hi Laryne! So glad you have decided to introduce yourself and join the fray.

Hello Laryne and welcome. :slight_smile:

Surely enjoyment is the reason we do it? If you love doing it then carry on doing what you love.

Glad you samba’d over to the Community, Laryne. Having fun with the guitar and singing is most important, and I’m sure as you keep on you’ll keep on improving and have even more fun.

See you soon!

Oh, @JustinGuitar’s inbox is just gonna love you for this gem, @laryne :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Seriously, hats off to all those on the team who not only keep the show rolling smoothly, but jump in and join the fun with the rest of us.
Looking forward to your first share in AVOYP and of course an open mic.
Speaking of which, what are you up to on Sat 2nd April?
Could you be persuaded to give us even a short introductory tune? :smiley:


Nice to meet you, Laryne. Oh, I can relate to playing and badly singing! You will find only love and encouragement with this crowd, but you already knew that. :grinning:
Thank-you for being part of Justin’s team. We all have gained so much from the work you all do. :hugs:

Bienvenida! Encantado de conoceria, Laryne.

Hi Laryne it’s your favourite spammer here, sorry for all those emails! I promise here you will get mostly answers from me in case you ask guitar related questions or ask for feedback on your playing! :grinning:

Planning to join our OM? Now that is a great way to introduce yourself! Hope to see you there one day! :blush:

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Welcome Laryne, I’m so glad you’ve introduced yourself. :smiley:

Full marks for initiative :rofl:

I don’t believe you’re the worst musician I’ll ever meet, in fact I’m hoping you’ll join the line-up April 2.

Thankyou for the work you do.

Hey @laryne good to see you here as well :smiley:

These are all wonderful people here! Hope you learn a lot :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll continu to call this the Community, as that is the name :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you, everyone, for the warm welcome!!! :slight_smile: For sure, I won’t be able to play on the next Open Mic - I’m vacationing in Brazil without my guitar! But I’ll try to stay accountable once I’m back home, haha! Wishing you all a great week. :beers:

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Enjoy that, Laryne.

I have a Brazilian connection. My brother lives in the NE, naturalized, married a Brazilian lady.

Ah, that’s very cool. I’m from the NE myself and no better place over here, haha!