Hello - Richard checking in from Victoria, BC!

Hello all,

Richard here, on the wet coast of Canada sitting in the midst of far, far too many guitars, amps, and pedals for having only picked up a guitar 5 years ago. You see, through a series of “life happens” events I’ve had several false starts in my guitar-playing journey, however, my guitar-buying journey has progressed splendidly!

Shortly after getting my first guitar, a Yamaha SLG200s I was sidelined by a hand injury for over a year. To pass the time and keep the interest alive I watched and rewatched most of Justine’s videos and those of the Andertons gang, along with a healthy slice of the rest of guitar YouTube. This did two things for me, it provided me with technical & theory knowledge well beyond any ability that I possessed, and it gave me some serious G.A.S.

That’s when I met Harley Benton and Phil McKnight, in that order. I figured that if I couldn’t play guitar at the time I could at least learn how to work on and modify them. Enter the paisley tele, a 335 knock-off, and a steel body resonator. Pickup swaps, fretwork, electrical and hardware upgrades rapidly followed along with relic’ing research for the resonator. That last one is still waiting in the wings because I like the shiny look too.

So, to avoid making an already long story even longer, and for the careful readers thinking that 4 guitars are not really “far, far too many,” add another dozen to that number. :astonished: The number of amps, pedals, and other assorted instruments I’ll save for another post along with “life happens events # 2 & 3.”

This is how I’ve come to find myself the proverbial kid in a candy store, gear-wise that is, who still needs to work on nailing down open chords in spite of being able to name all of the notes on the fretboard, build scales, and name the chords in any key, among other things that bore my friends to tears.

And there have it, my rambling, dirty little guitar-hoarding secret. :upside_down_face:


Hi Richard,
Welcome and i wish you a lot of fun :sunglasses:

And you can use a different guitar for practice almost for every open chord…almost… SOoooo :roll_eyes: :wink:Greetings,Rogier

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Hi Richard, welcome to the community! I had to grin reading your story. But ey’, things could be worse… I think there are a lot of GAS victims around in this forum, so you are in good compagny. The only thing is…you should learn to play them and use all of the other gear. So, hopefully you don’t lose the overview! I wish you a lot of fun and many fulfilling hours with your guitars, pedals, amps…!


Welcome Richard :slightly_smiling_face:

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Welcome Richard

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Hi Richard, welcome to the community. You definitely win the prize for dedication to the cause! Look forward to hearing more from you.

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Welcome to the community.
Hoping you will have a grand time here!

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Hello and welcome to our community Richard. :slight_smile:

Sounds like you have a nice stash of guitars and gear there.

I’d have found it quite hard to be watching guitar related video’s and then not being able to play.

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Good to meet you Richard, sounds like a hell of a collection / assortment of gear!!
Good luck cracking on and getting them to sing :slight_smile:

Hello Richard, and a warm welcome to the community :hugs:.
Oh wow, what a collection of instruments and tools. So, there are definitely no excuses for not learning to play/use them :grinning:.
I wish you lots of fun along your guitar journey and look forward to hearing more from you :smiley:.

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Welcome to the forum Richard

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Richard, Welcome to the community. There’s no judgement from me for the number of guitars, perhaps jealousy. I try to limit my collection to one guitar of each type - one classical, one good acoustic, one travel acoustic, one Strat and one LP style humbucker electric, but if I had the space I would expand the types to multiple colors, semi-hollow, etc. :slight_smile:

Have fun with all your gear and have patience with getting your technical skills to match your knowledge of guitar.

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Hi Richard, welcome to the group. No need to explain or apologise about the number of guitars you have, you’re clearly an enthusiast, according to this thread on tdpri.com (the Telecaster discussion forum) . Personally I’m just a normal person with 5 guitars

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Hello Steve,

I do have a little bit of overlap in that I have 3 Strats 2 of which are the same, one of them was given to me when I bought a used amp, and the owner just wanted to be done with it, and 2 Les Pauls, however, currently 1 of the Strats and 1 LP are up for sale. The other of the two identical Strats is in parts caster mode at the moment with an all-rosewood neck + other goodies and I’m thinking that it needs to be restored to its original spec and also sold.

The only other area of overlap would be with two 12-string acoustics which are really not very similar to one another at all. One is a Framus Legacy, Sitka and Mahogany, the other is a Yamaha APX 9-12 with a stereo pickup system offering three output modes, Sitka top, and composite back and sides (think Ovation). This is a bit of an odd one as it was very early in Yamaha’s run of APX guitars and even they haven’t been able to provide me with any real information on it. Looks like this without the banding on the top, this is not my photo.

The rest of the herd is comprised of:
An Alverez Artist Series 6 string,
The Epiphone Inspired By Gibson R9 Les Paul
A Squier Classic Vibe 50s Strat
A Squier Bass VI
An Angel Lopez solid body nylon, this is a copy of a Guild Paloma SC3
An EART GW2 headless guitar similar to a Strandberg Boden 6, an amazing guitar, my favorite ATM
An Enya Nova Go 1/2 size carbon fiber acoustic, see the posts I made to the travel guitar threads

Plus the already mentioned:
Yamaha APX 9-12
Framus Legacy Series 12 string
Harley Benton 35+ (ES-335)
Harley Benton Paisley Tele
Harley Benton resonator
And the Yamaha Silent Guitar (SLG200s)
Two generic Strats
A generic Les Paul

whew! I think I need a nap now. . . :yawning_face:

Queue ominous music.
Still missing from that list is a Black Beauty Les Paul (Bonamassa sig), something with P90s, something with FilterTrons, a Casino, some form of baritone guitar, and a Thunderbird IV.


That TDPRI thread is perfect!
Thank you!

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To everyone else that has taken the time to respond, thank you! :handshake:

I’m looking forward to my time here, and thank you to Justin and his team for building such an amazing resource for all of us.

Cheers! :beers:

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I didn’t visit Victoria, but I have spent 36hrs on the island many years ago.

Nice collection of guitars you’ve gathered.

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Welcome Richard! I have fond memories of visiting Victoria back in 2003. Feels like a lifetime ago, which … yeah doing the math, I guess that checks out. :smiley: It’s beautiful there.

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Welcome to the Community, Richard :slightly_smiling_face: That’s an impressive collection of guitars you have! Hopefully life events conspire now towards playing :slightly_smiling_face:. We lived in Victoria for 5 years in the early ‘90’s, that’s such a beautiful part of Canada - especially this time of year when it’s freezing in northwestern Ontario!!

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Hi Richard, welcome. Enjoy your guitar collection. If your injured hand is now up to the task you can catch up with the basic hands on skills you had missed to acquire while absorbing all the theoretical knowledge you were able to acquire.

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