Hello to everyone from Beau in New Hampshire, USA!

Hi all!

Beau here. I’m 36, living in southern New Hampshire in the USA, and I’ve finally decided to pick up the guitar. I have a mixed background of half-measures when it comes to music. I played Alto Sax in the middle school band, but never really enjoyed it. Played drums for a bit at the end of high school, but never carried on with it after taking lessons for a few months, and eventually sold my cheap drumkit. Then I was gifted a bass guitar, but aside from trying to play a few tunes by ear (Feel Good by the Gorillaz, anyone?) I never really took lessons and eventually sold that as well.

About 6 years ago I bought a digital piano and took lessons for somewhere between six months and a year, I think? My teacher was excellent, and for the first time I was having a great time learning. She pushed me to take the ABRSM Grade 2 exam and I managed to pass with distinction. I learned a few songs outside of her curriculum on my own as well and had a great time with it.

No long after the exam, a really neat opportunity came up and I made the decision to move across the world to Japan. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take much with me, so I left the piano behind, and sort of fell off the wagon again. I didn’t want to buy another piano in Japan only to have to sell it off when I moved home at some point, and by the time I finally came home at during the whole Covid thing I had lost my momentum there.

Well, this time I’m hoping I can build and maintain the momentum on the guitar. I’ve always wanted to play but (somewhat foolishly) thought it would be way too difficult. Of course, I thought the same thing about piano before I started, and that turned out alright before I moved to Japan.

I’ve been at it about a month now, and I’ve been playing a LOT ever since my fingers started to adjust. I made my way through Grade 1 without too many hiccups, and I’m probably about halfway to feeling comfortable enough to move onto the third module of Grade 2 now. I’ve been a bit worried that I’m moving too quickly, through the material, but I’ve been watching the Nitsuj videos for each module and only moving on when I’m confident that I’ve absorbed everything. I’ve also completed the Ear Training and Theory courses for Grade 1. I’ve done my best to be critical of myself before moving on from each module, and I’ve definitely added some ongoing practice items from past routines to keep them relevant while I move forward, like the Em Pentatonic Scale which I practice alongside Cmaj currently.

My father has been playing guitar for many many years, so I’ve been bouncing things off of him as well to double-check my progress. For now, I’ve been moving on once I can pretty confidently play a few of the songs from each module, feel good about my PFCs and can perform the exercises without error most of the time.

Anyway, sorry for rambling. I’m really excited about joining this community, and I hope I can work up the courage to post an AVOYP at some point as well. Playing and singing at the same time has been…difficult, but I’m sure with some more practice on the songs I’ve been working on I could get it there.

So nice to see this thriving community, and I’m so glad I found Justin’s website and videos. I’m not sure I remember exactly where I came across it, but I’m sure it was someone on YouTube that mentioned Justin as being the place to go. Look forward to contributing to the discussion!

Best regards,


Hello Beau & Welcome!!!
Good luck with your guitar journey!


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Thank you Tod!

Welcome to the forum Beau

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HI Beau, welcome to the group.


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Hi Beau,
Welcome here and I wish you a lot of playing :sunglasses:

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welcome :slight_smile:

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Welcome aboard, Beau! :slight_smile:

Interesting read on your musical background. It will be beneficial for your guitar learning journey for sure. :slight_smile:

Wish you loads of fun exploring the guitar-land. :smiley:

Cheers - Lisa

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Welcome to the community Beau. You’ll get lots of support here. I’m a relative newbie here and have found everyone to be very supportive and welcoming. :guitar:

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Thanks everyone for all the warm welcomes!

Welcome Beau good to meet you ! :sunglasses:

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Hey Beau, welcome to the community, great to meet you. AVOYP are a great tool and a boost to your confidence and ability the more you do them.

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Hi Beau, welcome to the community forum.

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Welcome, Beau, glad you joined us. Having your dad to help must be pretty great. Enjoy the ride.

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Welcome Beau, I enjoyed reading about your musical journey so far and it sounds like you’ve made a great start with Justin’s lessons.

I think it’s great that you have an experienced guitar player in the family, and as soon as you’re ready play along with your dad as much as you can it will benefit you greatly.


He’s actually been somewhat following along with the lessons on his own as well, just to see where I’m at and what I’m learning. I’m sure he’s planning to ambush me some day for a jam session :sweat_smile:


:joy: it will be a great experience embrace it :blush:

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Hi Beau, welcome. Good a new a new opportunity to play a musical instrument has opened to you. Your previous musical experience may be helping you to move faster to the next lesson, but it’s also good you’re checking if the progress is apparent or real. Be prepared for playing with your father if the opportunity comes. Have fun.

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We did the blues shuffle riff and solo together the other night. It was both interesting and challenging for me but it was good fun and we managed to get into the groove with it after a couple botched starts. Will be revisiting again for sure.


Hi and welcome Beau!

It seems like you’re moving through the modules really fast! I guess you have good music skills.
You also mentioned that you’re practicing “A LOT”
May I ask how long and how often you practice?

I am curious since I’ve been practicing for almost 9 months and I’m currently in grade 3 and I was told I was going too fast as well :sweat_smile:

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