Help needed please. I understand sheet music but struggle to learn from TAB and video lessons

I learned some music from Mel Bay books when I was about 9 years old. I can play some by using books. I am having difficulty learning songs from YouTube and online guitar lessons. I have memorized the some minor pentatonic but can’t say the examples given of licks and playing in styles and rhythms. Is there somewhere that ties sheet music to tabs and song lessons?

Hi Fred & welcome to the Community!
I’m definitely in the “Paper & Pen” age group :laughing: & sometimes find online learning difficult… my personal workaround is to have paper & a PENCIL (with an eraser) handy & pause the video A LOT! Usually, I watch the lesson/tutorial a couple of times first. If it feels like things are going too fast or not “sinking in”, I go through again and write down pretty much everything… I like to use the blank tab sheets that I originally downloaded from Justin’s site and can mark ‘em up pretty easily then erase/correct if needed. Watching, Listening, Writing & then Doing seems to help my old brain :brain: function!!! Hope this might help you too!!!


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