Help with technique and tone

Hi everyone. I am trying to get this sound and techinque down on my electrical. Sorry its only a Spotify link, can not find it on youtube…

Anyway, i am a long way from getting this down, anyone have any idea on how to get there? It sounds like its palm muted all the way or is it a magical amp setting i can try out?

All help is welcome :grin:


I can’t listen to it on spotify…is this it?
If so you that you want this version…yum yum, I can’t wait :sunglasses:

Jeeeeez… i just found it :see_no_evil:
Not sure what i have been doing, but yes. Thats the one.

I am still wondering what he does to get that type of sound?
My guess is palm muting, but i am not close to get it to work.
So my hope is amp setting, otherwise i have a loooooot of hours with palm muting training :rofl::rofl::rofl:

have fun training … :laughing:

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I only had one quick listen on my phone, but is it possible that he is playing the full notes on the lower string (4,5,6) and then muting the higher strings (1,2,3) with his fretting hand?

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Not sure what amp you are using but this could be a starting point, based on the John Lee Hooker original.

He’ll definitely be palm muting as JLH played a lot of Dead Thumb Blues but I think this guy is using a pick, Hope that helps.

:sunglasses: #

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Hmmm. Ok. Thanks Toby :pray: its a moddeling amp, so should in theory get whatever sound of it. I just cant dial in this type of tone yet…

Yep. Aggree with pick. I was pretty sure he did not use pick when i heard it.
But seeing this tube vid im pretty sure it is a pick involved.

I will try youre suggestions and see if i can get there somehow.

Hmm. That is a good point. I just have to play around and see, maybe i get lucky :grin:


Trond, with regard to the tone, it sounds a little bit like one I downloaded to my Katana and here is a picture of the settings. I hope it helps.

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Thanks Stefan!! :pray:

He starts with a pick but at 7 second he tucks the pick into his index finger and plays bass with his thumb.
As for the sound he’s using a clean setting with the volume on the amp fairly high the gain turned down really low and adjusting the volume on the guitar. Controlling the palm muting is a big part of this style of playing. If you listen you’ll he he is playing unmuted bass note on the accent beats and muting the rest.
Billy Gibbons of ZZ top uses this technique alot in his playing.
Look up Justin’s lesson on La Grange for pointers


Yep. When saying it, it reminds me a bit of the old ZZ Top sound.

Did not aware he had a La Grange tutorial, cool.

I will try out the tips for settings and see if i can get anywhere close too it…

Thanks Rick :pray:

La Grange intro is pretty simillar too what Mr. White plays through out most of the song :rofl:
I did not notice that before you pointed it out.
Ok. La grange tutorial is a great place to start then it seems :grin:

Pay real close attention to the muting with the fretting hand. This has to be done with the rhythm or it will throw you off real fast.

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Hi Trond,

Stitch beat me to the La Grange tutorial. I heard that immediately as well. I heard this version a couple weeks ago as I was running thru the list of Blues Standards I saw on wikipedia.

Watch that video and see how the thumb is bent backwards and skimming the bass notes to give that muted but not really muted sound.

I also see he is using the back of his fingernails for the melody notes and a real subtle mute with the fretting hand.

I have been fiddling with the thumb tricks, but the fingernails are something to add to my rabbit hole.

I do hear a fair bit of reverb in the Spotify version, but not so much in the video. This song doesn’t need to be copied and I’d think you could do a good job with whatever you come up with on your own. If you are trying to figure it out for learning sake, then that is a good reason to make a copy. It might be fun to figure out how to copy it, then make some changes from your own experience!

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I listened to more from Tony Joe White. I think you are after the rhythm guitar part? There is often a lead solo part that comes in and I am hearing all kinds of effects on that guitar.

I am also wondering if the rhythm has a fair bit of compression on it to give it that muted feeling. Compressor would have a fast attack time and pretty low trigger level, then you’d want a lot of clean gain to get that deadened feeling it has loud enough. If I get a chance today, I may try that out and see if my guess here is useful for you. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for a ton of useful and cool tips there Michael.

Nope, i dont need or want to copy him, i just want to be somewhere in that ballpark. Nor would i ever be able to play like that :rofl: but it sounds so cool, so i want to at least try my best to come close to that vibe…
i am trying to play without a pick on el guitar, but it is so hard to palm mute strings, but it is possible :grin: it is strange though… i like to play acoustic without pick and electrical with a pick…

Yes, it is mostly the rythm style i am after, and the small tasty licks he throws in here end there.
And you are right, he has everything from a big band and a horn section down too just him an a guitar. In a band setting i also think he has another guitarist there playing solos and lead.

Hi Trond,

Shame on you for digging rabbit holes in my day. :slight_smile:

I got a sound I liked that is somewhat close. My fingers are looking at me like I am asking the impossible so that part is not in agreement with what I wanted to do.

I tried the idea of a heavy compression and it did help even out the bass and allowed some slop in my playing when I was too soft or hard on the attack.

I also found I wanted to have a very heavy cutoff EQ. I set it to cut just above the 2nd harmonic of the 17th fret on the little e (1800Hz). This really cut the chimey part of the attack and gave me more of the soft feel that he is playing. This was on the input of the amp, after the compressor.

I chose a Supro model in my processor. It just sounded right. I tried a couple others but they were off . You might like a tweed sound if you don’t have a model for the Supro. Drive was about half, ‘tone’ was 9, and others were about 5. Really, most of the EQ was done before the amp.

I fiddled with a single-spring reverb. Mix was about 28% reverb with dwell kind of short at 0.8 sec. It sounds good for my fiddling, but I think less than was used on the studio recording.

It sure seems like most of this sound is technique. Have fun with your practice. I hope your fingers are more cooperative than mine!

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I am very sorry for that Michael :grin:

I am going to sit down and try dialimg in the different suggestions tomorrow, i am sure i will find a tone i can be happy with.

And yes, i am also pretty sure a lot of this tone and sound comes down to technique… and that is a completly diiferrent matter :grin:

Thanks a lot for youre help Michael :pray: