Hey Everyone!- Mark from Atlanta, GA Checking In

Hey everybody! I’m Mark, and I live in the Atlanta metro area. After years of thinking about it, at 58 I finally decided to get serious about learning guitar. As an official “Old Guy” I introduced myself over on the “Old Dogs” thread but figured it would be good to introduce myself here as well.

I have some musical experience but it was a long time ago. I played trombone in high school but after 1980 I didn’t pick up an instrument until 1999 when I first tried to learn guitar. A mix of too much work, not enough practice and not finding a method that worked for me led to me stopping about a year later.

Fast forward to three weeks ago and the urge to get finally serious about guitar hit me hard. I did a bunch of searching, found Justin and I immediately connected with his teaching style, sense of humor and general humbleness.

I bought a Yamaha Pacifica 112v and Line 6 amp and started Grade 1 last week. I have good flexibility in my work schedule so I’m able to practice both morning and evening. Fingers are sore but I’m really enjoying practice. A couple days ago I picked up a Yamaha FS800 acoustic to take with me on our upcoming road trips. I enjoy classic rock, heavy metal, Chicago/Texas blues and Jazz. There are lots of songs I want to be able to learn/play so I’m hoping I can build my skills and learn a bunch of them so I can start building my set-list for the party I’m going to throw when I turn 100!

Outside of work (I’m CFP providing retirement readiness services to employees of client companies) and guitar I’m a runner/fitness geek, craft beer lover and 2-channel audio nut.

Looking forward to becoming part of the community and enjoying my guitar playing journey!


I am pretty sure you will have fun here :partying_face: - Hey Mark and welcome to this awesome community. Wish you a fun and most enjoyable guitar journey :cowboy_hat_face: :sunglasses: :pray:

Welcome, Mark!!!
Have fun!

welcome to the community Mark!!

Hello again Mark. :slight_smile:

Hey Mark, that’s awesome, welcome to the community. My dad lived the last decade or so of his live in Georgia, in Valdosta. I got to visit him there in 2016.

I started playing over 10 years ago at the age of 53 and it’s one of the best things I’ve done, my wife has commented many a time how glad she is that I picked up the guitar. It’s taken us many places and introduced us to many others we wouldn’t have otherwise met. Enjoy the journey.

Immersion !!

Hi Mark!

Are you working in any ARS ?!? Would love to hear you play.
( That’s Atlanta Rhythm Section folks… )

Hello Mark,
Welcome and I wish you a lot of fun :sunglasses:

i was stationed in valdosta in 86-88 (i think)

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Welcome Mark. In you’re in good company. There’s plenty of us 50 somethings.

Hopefully we can all get an invite to your 100th :clinking_glasses::champagne::beers:


Welcome Mark, good to meet you!!

Welcome Mark. Lots of older starters here.

Beer good, craft beer better :laughing:

So, is 2 channel audio what they’re calling stereo now? I grew up calling it HIFI.

I’ve got my old Onkyo 2500 MK-II Servo Locked receiver still. Trying to figure out what to do with it. All my speakers are hooked into the surround system.

Welcome to the Community.

Hi Mark, welcome. Good your dormant guitar playing aspiration is now active and you found the best tools to achieve it.

Thanks everybody for the warm welcome!

I better start saving more because it looks like I’ll need to rent an arena! :moneybag:

They are on my list. I actually live just a few miles from Studio One where most of their albums (and a lot of Southern Rock classics) were recorded. But, before ARS I want to learn a few Tom Petty songs as he’s one of my all-time favorites!

Stereo is what it’s still called by normal people, but when you fall into the rabbit hole and totally geek out about it, 2 channel audio sounds so much more important :rofl:


Welcome aboard Mark. I’m the same age as you and have just started my journey in January this year. Working through. Grade 2 at the moment. Surprised just how much I can do so far, hope it keeps going. You’ll have a lot of fun on this programme and this community is brilliantly supportive. If I can do this, I’m sure you can. Have loads of fun.

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Considering the ages of many here, we’d best start practicing Stairway To Heaven :grin:

Mark, welcome to the community forum.

Hello Mark.
It’s just Richard here wishing you a very warm welcome to the community.
We have a wonderful vibe here and you woll find encouragement, support and friendship along the way.
Learn songs and enjoy.