Hey Hey - Eric Clapton/Big Bill Broonzy

Hey (hey) all,

I came across Hey Hey when doing the Grade 2 Blues module last week, where Justin provides a list of beginner blues songs. So I thought I would use this song to try to make practical sense of some of the points covered in that module.

From what I could tell, the song has a bit of mixed structure from the different 12 bar blues progressions that were outlined in the module → given that the song stays on the E7 (I chord) for the 12th bar rather than go to the B7 (V chord).
I think that Justin did mention that some blues songs tend to mix and match things from the standard, quick change and slow change progressions.
With that in mind, there also seems to be some variation to the opening 2 bars of the verse depending on what source is being looked up for this song. Some do a quick change, some stay on the E7.

For the verses in my playthrough, I opted to use the quick change to the A7 (IV chord) on the 2nd bar because when I tried out the E7 for the first 2 bars of the verse it seemed to be lacking something in the way that I was playing it… (apart from the missing vocals.)

That lackluster aspect was probably due to me playing the verses with the regular open 7th chords rather than using the “chunka chunka” stuff. My reasoning for that was to give my fingers a bit of a break to regroup and think ahead for the next part of the song. But I hope I got away with it :slight_smile:

If I’ve made any incorrect observations or wrong use of anything feel free to let me know.

It was pretty fun to play and I enjoyed learning it. No audio file comparison for this one, as I went straight to video once I got a feel for it. Feedback and general comments appreciated as always, Thanks.


Beyond me to comment on what chords should be played but I enjoyed it and thought it was well played.

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Hi Sandro,
That looked difficult and good. :sunglasses: :sunglasses:…Grade 2 blues module? I just don’t understand it :upside_down_face:… do you mean the blues lessons in grade 2 or am I missing something? probably… :smile:… because this is not what I can remember from grade 2…again, well done,

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Some slick playin there Sandro! Very enjoyable mate. In the groove and lookin relaxed too. Well done mate :+1:

Cheers, Shane

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That was good! Is it meant to be played fingerstyle or was that your flair?

Loved the sliding riff. So cool.

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That sounded great, Sandro, showcasing all the skill with both left and hand right hand that you have developed.

I think your performance is unmistakable to anybody who has listened to Clapton Unplugged.

A couple of spots I picked up that you can still polish, to be flawless, I have a sense that the tempo may have varied at times, and I would have liked some extra volume on the notes that are slid up or down.

But those comments are to take your already ever so goo rendition to be just like EC.

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@skinnyt thanks Trevor. I was worried the verses might have sounded a bit butchered, but I’m glad you enjoyed it.

@roger_holland thanks Rogier. I think Justin mentions ‘Before you accuse me’ more than this one in his Grade2 blues videos. But he also listed ‘Hey Hey’ as part of the blues beginner songs at the end of Module 13 in Grade2. I just thought it looked like a fun song to try from his list.

@sclay cheers Shane. I might have to try learn some sadder gloomy blues material for the rest of this week… after last night’s pitiful Origin match :frowning:

@jkahn thanks man. This one is all finger style from what I’ve looked up. For the verse I wouldn’t really call it ‘my flair’… but instead of using the blues shuffle riff, I just bluffed my way through the verse by holding the basic open 7th chords and using a simple pattern until I got to the turnaround.

@davidP thanks David. When practicing a song, I try do it alongside the original. When I record a song, I just set a tempo in my head and try to maintain it… which might then become inconsistent without me really noticing. I’ll try work on that.
I’m actually a bit annoyed that I didn’t listen to the original a couple of minutes before recording this one, because I set a noticeably slower tempo for myself when I compare it to how I was practicing it.
And for the slides, I’m actually surprised I managed to get any sound at all :laughing: my thicker strings don’t really play too well with long slides. Appreciate the feedback. cheers


Really nice Sandro, we’ll done!!

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Really good Sandro, well done. Some super skills on display there. What about adding a vocal to it?

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@jsgreen thanks James, much appreciated.

@sairfingers thanks Gordon

I might try experimenting with a vocal for one possibly in the future. Although I’d probably describe it more as me narrating songs rather than singing them :laughing: