Hey, how ya doin? Todd here


I’m Todd. I’m a college lecturer (philosophy and medical humanities), paramedic, and bicycle mechanic by trade.

I’ve actually owned a guitar for over twenty years, but it sat, collecting dust, for many of those years. My dad got me the guitar, and lessons, sometime in middle school (grades 6-8). But, while I enjoyed the lessons, it often conflicted with the swim meets/practices (my main sport growing up), and swimming won out quickly.

Skip a decade or so, and when I was in grad school, one of my friends, a violinist, borrowed my guitar for a while. So, until recently, she had probably played it more than I had!

I found Justin a few years ago, and even purchased the app, but never used it! A couple months ago, something got me to really try it out. So, here’s to continuing that habit! Third time’s a charm?

Research shows that practicing music has some of the same mental health benefits as meditation, and I think that’s been true for me thus far. I really enjoy the practice time. Also, learning new skills is gratifying. I’m an avid cyclist, and a few years ago, I learned trackstands (balancing on a bike in one spot), and while it took many weeks of dedicated practice on little baby steps leading up to it, there was something so gratifying when it finally clicked in my mind. I’d say it’s the same with learning new things on the guitar.

Well, those were my thoughts on starting lessons with Justin’s app. I’m currently on grade 1, module 4.

Oh, and a couple weeks ago, I got a setup done on my guitar by the tech at the shop where my dad got me the guitar all those years ago. It has improved the playability and tone of the guitar immensely. I highly recommend it!

Best Wishes,


Hello Todd, so nice to meet you :hugs:.
It seems, that something in the universe always wanted you to play guitar - and now, the time is ripe :wink:.
With Justins course and this wonderful community you’ll definitely make good progress. Enjoy it :smiley:.


How do you fit all this an a business card? :rofl:
All kidding aside Welcome to the forum.


Hey Todd, welcome to the forum. Great to hear your perspectives in guitar and practice. Playing guitar is definitely my meditation. I tried meditation some years back and had great initial experiences but over time it didn’t stick whereas guitar playing has definitely stuck for me. The rewards are wonderful.

Look forward to hearing more from you.


I suppose you’re right about that. This guitar had followed me around for a long time!

Thanks! :blush:


I suppose it’s mostly dependent on the situation. lol. If it’s an academic thing, maybe I lead off with the philosopher part. If I’m trying to treat your medical emergency, I’ll lead off with the paramedic part… unless you need emergent existential counseling or an emergent lecture on Socrates. :rofl:


Thanks. Tony!

I can relate. I’ve had many hobbies or life projects that didn’t stick, such as skateboarding. (I fell way too much, even when just trying to ride to campus.) :rofl: Cycling has really stick, so, maybe guitar will do the same.

Either way, I’m enjoying it right now!

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Welcome on board Todd, you paint a familiar picture, well on the guitar front for sure !
Great you have started again and feel the drive to continue learning. Good to have you here.


Good stuff. For me it’s become a lifestyle.


A warm welcome to the community Todd. Stick with Justin’s course and you’ll soon be able to add another title to that list on your business card.


Haha, thanks! :blush: Yes, I think I’ll form a Ska band. That’s actually what I listen to the most. I wish there were some Ska Punk in the song catalog. Hal Leonard does have a Ska guitar book. I may get it, after I progress a bit more here.

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HI Todd :slight_smile:
Nice to meet you

I actually had this same thought lol
You must be really busy! So glad you’re back to and enjoying guitar :slight_smile:
Welcome to the Community!


Thanks! Nice to be here! :blush:

As far as how I do it… for quite a few years I’ve worked full-time as a paramedic. But, I’ve taught at a couple different colleges as an adjunct, using my prior master’s degree in Philosophy, mostly teaching Medical Ethics of late. The bike mechanic gig is a little part time job, helping out at the local bike shop. It varies with the season. But, yes, I stay very busy. Too busy sometimes.

It’s sort of intetesting, Justin has mentioned an interest in the ancient Greek school of thought, Stoicism, and if you notice, sometimes has little busts of a philosopher in the background of his videos.


Hats off and thumbs up to you for working as a paramedic! That must be a tough gig! A master’s degree in Philosophy and the other things are amazing too

I have noticed the little philosopher busts in Justin’s videos, and also the flags where the ads used to be around the website that sometimes have different stoic quotes. Love it :slight_smile:


Hello and welcome to our community Todd. :slight_smile:

I too had my guitar for many a year before I picked it up and decided to learn it. Oh, if only I had started back in 98.

Enjoy your journey.


Welcome Todd! Third time will definitely be a charm no doubt. Stick in touch with the community here and you’ll get all the support and encouragement you could want. Looking forward to hearing your progress, good luck and enjoy!


Hey, I just joined recently myself (about 30 mins ago to be precise) and while reading through some of the self-intro posts, your point about mental health really stood out to me. I personally really feel there is a huge benefit from music in so many ways. It’s a natural, creative, inspiring and healthy hobby.

Hope third time is the charm and you keep at it. It’s not always 100% satisfaction, there’s lows and highs. Soldiering on even through the thick mud makes the good parts all that more golden!


Good points, all! And, welcome!

I don’t know a ton about it, but, I know that Music Therapy is an area of academic study. I actually had a bit of a connection to it, in that I have taught Medical Humanities/Medical Ethics courses at a university before, and Medical Humanities gets into the cross section of medicine and human values, such as the intersection of art/music and medicine. It (music therapy) wasn’t exactly my area of expertise, but, I knew people who worked in that area. (My own specialization was medical ethics.)


Hi Todd,
Welcome,and i wish you a lot of fun , :sunglasses:


Thanks, Roger! Glad to be here! Nice to see that there’s a good community going on here!

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