Hi all, Kamil from Poland

Hi all,

My name is Kamil and I come from Poland. Over ten years ago Beck anime inspired me to start playing guitar and I’ve played for a year. Then I took a long break with short playing episodes in between. Three years ago I was inspired again after watching Bohemian Rhapsody movie (over 10 times :stuck_out_tongue: :smile: ) and I somehow ended up on JustinGuitar website. Justin helped me understand how to progress and there’s always a next lesson to take. I’ve been practicing almost every day since then and I’m grateful for every lesson and also all the insights from the community that I’ve found in the comments and forums.

I’m very happy to meet all of you. :slight_smile:


Welcome Kamil :smiley:

So you enjoyed Bohemian Rhapsody :laughing: Who knows you may get to play a Freddy song.

Welcome Kamil!

I was watching the newly tidied up 4k version of Flash Gordon the other day and thinking that guitarist now works for Nasa… very strange!

Nice to meet you, my mother was born in Silesia many many years ago. Look forward to more contributions from you.

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Hej Kamil fajnie widzieć kolegę rodaka na JG, jakby co wal śmiało ludzie z chęcią tutaj pomogą we wszystkim co sprawi Ci trudności :slight_smile: z jakich okolic w Polsce pochodzisz? Pozdrawiam i jeszcze raz witamy :v:

Welcome to the Community, Kamil. Great to hear you are enjoying learning and progressing.

Hi Kamil and welcome to the group!

Hello and welcome Kamil. :slight_smile:

It’s a film I’ve still not watched yet :astonished: and I’ve even shocked myself with that statement.

Hi Kamil, welcome to the group! Have fun with the lessons :slight_smile:.

Hi Kamil and welcome.

It amazing that so many start stop start stop guitar students, arrive here and find that yes there is a clearly defined path to follow. And if you do just that, you will become a guitarist. Good luck on your journey, have fun and enjoy the ride.



Welcome Kamil!
This is such a great place for learning guitar,
Hope you make lots of progress!

@batwoman Yes, I definitely enjoyed it. :smiley: And I will be learning more Freddy and in general Queen songs in the future. :slight_smile:

Thank you @Eccleshall :slight_smile: I wish you a great progress as well. :slight_smile:

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Wow, indeed :open_mouth: I was not aware that he did something like this recently. I Just searched for it on google. Did you enjoy tidied up 4k version of Flash Gordon? :slight_smile:

I also just remembered that JustinGuitar homepage in the What They Say Celebs section has a recommendation from Brian May. I admit that this played a little part in convincing me to give JustinGuitar a try. :smiley:

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Actually I’m from Silesia as well. Thank you and best wishes to your mama. :wink:

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Hej, dzięki, na pewno skorzystam z rady. Pochodzę ze Śląska, a Ty?

Przeszedłem przez Twój profil na Twojego youtube i zasubskrybowałem. Super, że potrafisz jednocześnie śpiewać i grać. :slight_smile:

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Oryginalnie jestem z Zachodniopomorskiego okolice Kołobrzegu, a aktualnie żyję w UK :slight_smile: wow dzięki za suba i sprawdzenie profilu, miło z Twojej strony! :v: dopóki nie znalazłem Justina nie miałem pojecia że byłbym w stanie robić obie rzeczy równocześnie tak więc jak popracujesz nad tym sam bedziesz w stanie to robić :grin:

I’ll start writing in English now so mods are not thinking I am talking behind their backs or anything :joy: nice to have you here!


Thanks David. By the way, you have really nice guitar collection in your background image and some cool content on your youtube channel. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Jason. I see that you also have really cool stuff in your profile and even play in a band. That’s impressive. :slight_smile: By the way, your youtube link doesn’t work for me.

Thanks Stefan and I hope that you will enjoy the film. Some people didn’t like it because it changed some facts etc., but I didn’t mind it.

Hey and thanks Radek. Btw, I really like your guitar playing on the instagram. :slight_smile:

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