Hi everyone just catching up on the latest news of what you’re working on

Hi everyone,

Although it seems and feels like I disappeared lately, I’ve been really sick since mid-March and finally now trying to get back to it playing again. I did squeeze in a Foo Fighters song about a month ago that came out really good. Then got so sick again couldn’t function. I went to Catalina Island last week and tried a jam session with the hotel owner I know there and my voice sounded like the crypt keeper. If anyone has tips of recovering your voice let me know I’ve tried antibiotics, ginger, echinacea, gargling salt water . My job involves public speaking too so that sucked to handle lol.

Anyways lately been playing linkin park with my daughter and Sheryl crow (all I wanna do) then Foo Fighters (my hero). Would be better with a voice to sing but thanks to Justin’s sod strumming course it’s improving. Catch you later and thanks for saying hi.



Sorry to read that, Jeff. Get well soon!

Hang in there, get well soon.

I’m working on an acoustic guitar version of Lionel Ritchie’s Hello including the epic solo and working on learning to do soloing as well.

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Hi Jeff, I hear you. I’ve been ill twice this month and also not able to sing properly. But it’s getting better - slowly, but steadily. I wish you all the best!

Hi Jeff, hope you’re fully recovered from your illness now, I may be teaching my grandma to suck eggs but I’d recommend checking out some of the youtube singing teachers, many of whom demonstrate vocal exercises to strengthen your voice. My favourite atm is Katrina Witt of the Singeo website (it’s a paid site but there are a number of free lessons on youtube)

Good luck on your recovery, I know from my own experience with various illnesses over the past year or so that it can take it’s own sweet time.

I’m also learning Dave Grohl stuff at present… an acoustic version of Everlong is my main focus right now but also dabbling with In Bloom by Nirvana which is the first thing I’ve tried to learn on electric guitar since starting this journey again

Hi Jeff, glad to see you back, I hope you’ll be better soon. I use my voice for work so much, and probably wrongly too, and I can understand what you mean. This past winter I took some herbs candies from the pharmacy and those helped a bit, but in the end once home I didn’t want to sing anymore.

Hi Jeff
Sorry to hear you haven’t been well. Hope you feel better soon :blossom: :sunflower:
The advice that I’ve been given for recovering voice after something like a sore throat is to rest it for a while until you’re better (it’s not what I wanted to hear… ) so as not to hurt/damage your vocal cords
(disclaimer: this was some time ago, and I’m not a medical professional or singing expert)
I’ve been getting into learning to play some blues lately and I’m also working on Soleil Soleil by Pomme :slight_smile:


Hey Jeff - sorry to hear about your ongoing issues with your voice. The same advice Jasmine had been given was also given to me by my doctor in the past. Hope you are getting better soon!

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Hey Jeff, about 2 months ago I had a throat ache from hell, and my voice suffered too. The throat was ok after a couple of days, but my voice took q couple of weeks to recover. The advice @Avalon426 and @franzek have given you is also the best I can do: try to be patient (not easy, I know) and rest your voice as much as possible. If you force it now, you could damage it fore good.

Your voice will recover - it just takes some time. I hope it gets better soon!


Take it steady and bring yourself back slowly, you don’t want to cause any further harm with your voice. If you look at some of the stuff ‘The Fairy Voice Mother’ has done on YouTube she’s done some advice for that sort of thing plus other things vocally. Apart from being a Vocal coach she is one of the most interesting Reactors on YouTube and also is a great singer!

Hey Jeff!!!
Glad you’re on the mend… voice issues are a pain (pun intended!)… I don’t have any advice other than what’s already been given but the Pollyanna in me says to use your “crypt keeper” voice to your advantage… learn to play “Monster Mash”!!! :rofl:

I’m working on a wedding reception song/songs… Perfect by Ed Sheeran is the favorite song my grandson & his fiancée call “their song”. They’re getting married at the end of July so I’m putting a lot of effort into getting Perfect, well… perfect!!! :star_struck:
I really want to play it at their reception. They’re getting married in Estes Park which is an awesome little town in the Rocky Mountains & at about 7500’ elevation. I’m asthmatic so hopefully I will have the wind to sing at that altitude!!! :roll_eyes:
Hope you’re singing :musical_note: again soon!!!


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Thank you.

That’s a great song and challenging to master. I hope you decide to record and post it once you’re finished. Thank you for the get well wishes.

Hi Nicole,

I hope you get well soon. The biggest thing is I feel embarrassed the way I sound. I had to give a big speech today for work and was able to make it through. Singing is still not there yet. I really enjoy your singing and music so hope you get to a better place soon. Thanks for the comments


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Hi Ian,

Thanks for the idea of looking at you tube singing gurus for exercises. I was making great progress with improving my dynamics then got set back with the illness lately. I wonder if diseases are just getting worse this year or if I’m just getting older. Thanks for saying hello.


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Hi Matt,

I think you nailed it when you said time and patience is the key. I’ve been trying to take it a day at a time. Two weeks ago I couldn’t get out of bed to pick up a guitar and at least now I can do that.

I love that song everlong and hope to learn that one myself too. This week I’m still doing “my hero”. It’s not too hard once I got the rhythm down but need to connect the dynamics and timing.

Take care man


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Hi Silvia,

Thanks for the get well wishes. I will just keep trying to get well and at least play music without singing. Have a good day.

Hi Jasmine,

Thanks for the get well wishes. Yes, I have been trying to rest my voice as much as possible. I got out of two weeks worth of work speeches but today I had to get back to it. It was sad that I was more worried about the sound of my voice than anything in my presentation. At least I can play the music again for now. For a few weeks I was out for the count.

I like the blues and I think the 22 bar blues and things like that are great to know for any music type. A fun fact is I was in the city of Avalon on 4/22 so almost matched your moniker lol. Avalon,California that is. Good luck with your music.


Vielen Dank Franz aus Nunberg. Such a beautiful city to be from. Ich habe gewohnt in Deutschland irgendwann im 1990s, Ich denke? Meinen grosseltern waren aus Stuttgart. Alles kommt zu ihm geduldig ist so Ich warte aus besser gesundheit. Thanks for saying hello.


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