Hi Everyone! Learning guitar at 42

Hi i began learning guitar in 2003 for a year and a half and then moved from Glasgow to Surrey in England ,its now 2022 and i am 42 and decided iv got more spare time and want to learn guitar again. I have forgotten a lot of what i had learned but determined i am going to do this!!


Welcome, Angela, you are in the right place to learn. Have fun and keep us posted.

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Welcome. A 40 plus year gap for me, after about a year. I could do a few open chords. These lessons are well structured and this community is friendly and helps sometimes with issues you may be experiencing.

With more free time now than during my first attempt, this is working for me and I hope it also works for you.

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Welcome :smiley:. I’ve just started learning at the same age as yourself. Having a ton of fun and hope you do too!

Great stuff, I dreamed of playing for many years before I finally got serious at the age of 53, 10 years later I’m SO glad I stuck with it. It’s such fun to be able to play. Look forward to hearing your progress.

Welcome Angela.
You’re in the right place here. Brilliant teaching and a wonderful, supportive community. Stick close to Justins tuition, and reach out here anytime.

All the best.

Cheers, Shane

Hi Angela,
Welcome ,I wish you all the possible fun :sunglasses:
Greetings ,Rogier

Hello Angela and welcome. :slight_smile:

You’ve picked the best place to come and learn.

Hi @AngelaH. Exactly what Im doing. Soooo many starts and stops. Ive not long been here but have a had a great welcome. Best of luck with your journey.

You’ve picked a great place to learn. Great lesson and great community. I’ve only been involved for a short time but it very plain to see how supportive and inclusive everyone is.
Enjoy your journey and look forward to seeing your progress.

Welcome Angela! There’s something about us 40’s folks wanting to learn guitar it seems! Hope you’re having a blast with it so far.

I’m also in Surrey, good to hear of a kindred spirit in the same county now :slight_smile:

Thanks to everyone for your warm welcome, looking forward to sharing and watching everyone else’s progress too

I wish you the best in your endeavors. I started when I was 41 but had to stop before I got too deep into it because we moved from one state to another. Now I’m 74 and determined to start all over again. So take heart, it is never too late to get into the guitar.

Welcome Angela! You’ve come to the right place.

Like you, I began guitar many years ago, put it down and just picked it up again a year ago. Justin’s courses will be a big help to you.

Age is just a number.