Hi everyone, Rich from sunny Bognor Regis, uk

I’ve been playing since I was 19 on and off, I’m 38 now but I’ve never had a lesson so I started with grade one about 6 months ago to iron out my many bad habits. I’ve never loved playing so much!


Welcome to the Community, Rich. Great to hear you are enjoying the experience so much. Look forward to hearing and seeing you play when you are ready to share.

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Welcome to the community Rich.

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Hi Rich and a warm welcome to the community.
Going back and learning from scratch to iron out the wrinkles, shake off bad habits and learn good, correct technique is a great approach - I am sure it will pay off for you.

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Hey Rich, welcome :grinning: What a great way to set yourself straight before the bad habits become ingrained. It makes me smile to read that you’ve never loved playing so much.


Welcome to the community Rich


Welcome, Rich. Justin’s well thought out and structured lessons are the perfect cure for unhelpful habits. Good luck as you build new skills and increase your enjoyment.


Hi Rich, good to see you here! I’m sure you’ll find everything you need to get sorted in the lessons and awesome folks here!


Hello Rich. :slight_smile:

It’s great to hear that you are loving the playing.

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Hi Rich and welcome.

You are doing the right thing starting at the bottom again and working up. Sure there will be a lot you know and yes it will flush out any bad habits but I bet you’ll pick up some new stuff along the way. Make sure you reference the lesson texts. Often there are hidden gems that folk overlook by just watching the videos. All the best.




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Rich, welcome to the community. Don’t forget to look at some of the Grade 1 song lesson videos. All of them start out with simple strumming, but all add more advance strumming for when you get more experience. Each song video is like a short class on how to advance as a guitarist.

Hi Rich, welcome. Good you are finding the lessons very useful and your playing a lot more enjoyable.