Hi from Adam in Florida

Hey y’all
I’m Adam and i live in Florida. I’ve wanted to learn to play guitar most of my life. Played a little trumpet in school but wanted guitar. I had one my dad got me at 16 but never got myself a teacher to know what to do with it. Decided at 39 it was time!

I’m just finishing grade two. I’ve been consolidating and I’m ready for all the new grade 3 material!

I tend to get distracted when Justin posts a song that i just have to learn, and it’s way above my skill set. First one was Fade to Black, more recently The Chain. Both of them i play daily and just really enjoy them, along with many others here and there. Each were super challenging but using Justin’s techniques for learning: learn the chord changes, break it down into parts, practice perfectly before speeding up, and play every day.

I’m still working to learn and collect techniques, chord changes, and figure out the direction i want to take my learning. Really enjoying the ride!


Hey Adam :wave: Welcome :+1:


Welcome to the community Adam! I can relate to being distracted when justin posts a song you just have to learn!! Doesn’t he know we have module practice to be getting on with! :wink:

Good to have you here :+1:


Hi Adam, I know what you mean. I start my practice session with all good intentions but if my eye catches a glimpse of a new Justin song then that’s the end of my structured learning routine for the day/week :+1: :smiley:


Hey Adam, welcome to the community. I wanted to play guitar most of my life and waited till I was in my 50s before I got serious and thanks to justin guitar it’s been a great experience. The rewards of being able to play are so much better than I dreamed they would be.

Keep at it, and keep posting.

I’ve got a brother who lives in Sarasota and one who lives in Jacksonsville, last time I visited them was in 2016.


Hi Adam,
Welcome,and i wish you a lot of fun :sunglasses:
I am very familiar with the distraction when classes appear at the top :grimacing:,…usually very nice,…sometimes :scream:


Welcome Adam, enjoy the journey now you are on it again.


Hello Adam and welcome to our community. :slight_smile:

There is a mantra about learn songs, songs, songs but there are that many it’s picking which you want to do. Too many songs, not enough time. :smiley:


Hey Adam! Great to hear that you’re really enjoying the process of learning from Justin, he’s fantastic. Welcome!


Hi Adam, welcome. Whatever keeps you motivated to pluck the strings is good. If you can book some time for the regular practice, it can help with the songs too.


Hi Adam,

Welcome to the group. Take your time on each step of the journey. It is exciting. I have been with Justin Guitar for about 2 years plus and love every lesson. This is the best course out there. I am curious what city you live in. I have family near Ft Myers area and as you know there was devastation this year. Normally such a beautiful resort in Ft. Myers Beach. We really love going down there each year for vacation. Anyways, good luck on the lessons. I suggest to take a selfie video on your phone and play it back for yourself to see your progress, You will be surprised how great you will be.

Take Care

Jeff from San Diego CA


Hi Adam. 23 years after being given a guitar it seems you’re doing everything right to learn to play it and have fun.
Welcome to the community.
Ask if you need anything.
Cheers :smiley:
| Richard_close2u | JustinGuitar Official Guide, Approved Teacher & Moderator

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