Hi from Greg, guitar playing ex drummer, now in Lyon - France

Hi to all in the JustinGuitar Community!

Greg here, alias Twangmaster😊. I’m orginally from S.E. England but have been living in France for about 30 years. I started off playing drums when I was 13 and went on to play in many bands from Pop-Rock to Jazz both in England and in France.

I always loved guitar and wanted to play too, so 7 years ago I finally bought a guitar and amp and got fully into learning online and have some one to ones. The drumming experience definitely helps and not just with the rythmic side.

I recently, started following the JustinGuitar courses and feel I’m really making progress and finding the answers to the things I was getting stuck with.

Like many of us, my favorite guitarists are Mark Knoplfer, Eric Clapton and David Gilmour but I also really enjoy Chis Rea and J.J. Cale whose influence I feel is often underestimated.

My main objectives on the guitar are to play the blues both on electric and acoustic including the Robert Johnson style.

Look forward to exchanging with the Community!


Welcome to the Community, Greg. I’m sure following Justin and being part of the Community will be helpful as you progress towards your objectives. One thing that I’ve found helpful is making and sharing recordings. The Community is always encouraging and helpful. You can post them here: #all-about-your-music:audio-video-of-you-playing

Hi Greg, welcome to this awesome community. I like your alias :sunglasses:. Looking forward to your AVoYP and learning from you.

Hello, Greg and welcome. You have joined a number of guitarist who started out as drummers. Coco Montoya is one who comes to mine. I know there are at least two other blues greats but can’t come up with the names at the moment.
Anyway, glad you are here!

Dave Grohl comes to my mind, though not a blues great.

Hello and welcome!

As you say, I’m sure experience with any kind of instrument - and especially, as you have, live/band experience - will make learning the guitar that much easier. Hope you’ll be a guitar ace in no time :wink:


Hey Greg, I’m glad you’re here, welcome. Your musical life and past is rich indeed. I’m looking forward to hearing you play.

I’m curious about this comment, could you say some more about it please?

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Welcome Greg! I’m always interested in seeing how musicians take to new instruments. Looking forward to hearing more of your guitar journey soon.

Hello and welcome to the community Greg. :slight_smile:

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Hello Greg and welcome to the community.

Im also a Brit leaving in the SW of France in Toulouse.

Hi David. Thanks for your welcome and advice. I’ll definitely share some recording when I’ve had a go at one of the exercises or got something cooking. I’ll have a listen to what you’ve been doing too which will help give me an idea how to go about it.

Thanks for your welcome Swashata! Catch up with you soon!

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Hi Kasper, thanks for your welcome. You’re right about the transposable learnings. Still many guitar specifics to master though which is what makes it so rich and enjoyable.


Hi Maggie, thanks for your welcome.

Regarding my comment. I think there are many things that you learn from playing one instrument that can then help you if you take up a second instrument. Even with drumming. Here are some examples; The habit of listening to other musicians you’re playing with to adapt and interact. Ear training/transcribing as you listen to and copy other drummers. Being used to playing to an audience. Also with a drum solo, you have to have a similar approach to guitar improvising eg. getting a pattern going, then creating variations on it etc.



Hi Vinnie, thanks for your welcome. Look forward to being in touch with you soon.


Hi Rob, thanks for your welcome. Well what with both being Brits in France and guitar players we already have two things in common!

Look forward to exchanging with you.

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Hi Greg from Lyon.

Sounds like you musical background will hold you in good stead and going through Justin’s grade system will certainly iron out the creases and may be help you pick up some new things. Good list of music there nowt wrong with some rock based blues or blues based rock. Good to see here.

Toby in Normandie (11th year now !)

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@Twangmaster thanks Greg for your thoughtful answer, you make some excellent points and highlight aspects of making and sharing music that are important. Learning stagecraft and interacting with the audience are arts in themselves. It will be a different experience for you to move from the back of the band to the front.

Hi Toby,

Thanks for your message and I’m sure that having a mad Englishman aound will bring some added colour in Normandy. Nice part of the world too.

You’re right about Justin’s graded system ironing out the creases. I’ve mainly learned on my own in a haphazard way and have gaps. Dipping back even into Grade 2 and 3 are helping me round things off. As you say too, there’s plenty of Blues and Bluesy Rock in their which is perfect.

Happy twanging!

Cheers Greg, yep its a nice neck of the woods. I tend to keep a low profile but I am sure I entertain the passing locals, screaming out some ACDC whilst bouncing around on the tractor mower. :sunglasses: